‘It’s a consolidation. The bastards have planned this. Look, the elite’s insiders predicted this was going to happen and explained why. I can show you their blog posts; show you the documentaries that detail this.’   

‘No, you look, firstly, calm the fuck down. Secondly, I’ve had enough of your conspirashit, the fucking Illuminati and the fucking Bilderbergers. Go get a life and stop trying to convert me.’                                                                  

‘So, you don’t care then that the elites have engineered a global meltdown, inflating the price of oil to encourage investors back into the stock market, capping new finds in Alaska and hiding those fields from us, developing the sub-prime market and then collapsing it.’                                    

‘You are fucking crazy if you think all of that can be organised by a bunch of rich folk.’                         

‘Hang on a minute. Collapsing the sub-prime market to consolidate their interests and then collapsing the price of oil to bankrupt the Middle East. Yeah, this is global and you just look and see what Obama has to say about this.’  

‘OK, so, if I go with this and accept that what you are saying is fact…’                                                

‘Well, it is and I can prove it.’                                                                                                       

‘Yeah, we can all prove stuff… You are saying that Queen Beatrice and David Rockefeller got together and worked all this out and like fucking clockwork it’s all happening for them?’                         

‘Yes. Them and a few well chosen arsehole mates of theirs. They want us dead; they call us ‘useless eaters.’’

‘Yeah, I know, you’ve said that before. And Iraq, where the fuck does that mess feature?’

‘It’s right in there. Alright. 9/11 was the catalyst for the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive action. PNAC said that a new Pearl Harbour was needed.’                                                                                


‘Sorry, Project for a New American Century, a group that were powerful throughout Reagan’s presidency, you know they were known to White House staff as the crazies? Anyway, those cunts all gained high office with George W. and co-authored a document that in effect called for a second Pearl Harbour. 9/11 was just that and so America embarked upon the war on terror.’                                                                                                                                       

‘Well, I know that you believe that 9/11 was, what do you call it?’                                               

‘An inside Job.’                                                                                                                            

‘Yeah, that’s right, an inside job. So you are saying that this project organised 9/11?’                         

‘No, I haven’t got a clue who organised 9/11 but it certainly was not Bin Laden from his cave. You know that the so called hijackers were trained at US military bases, that six have been found to be alive and that there is no CCTV of them getting onto the planes or any record of them in the flight manifests… But that is a bit off topic, 9/11 is a world of shit I don’t wanna get into right now.’                                                                                                                            

‘Nor I, we’ve been there far too many times…’                                                                                

‘So, Iraq was for oil dominance and an excuse to militarise the middle east, build bases for a standing US army.’

‘Yeah, so if that’s the case how come Obama say’s that the troops are coming home?’                        

‘Do you follow what’s fucking going on?’                                                                                

‘I watch the news.’                                                                                                                 

‘Yeah, but do you follow what is really happening? It’s like this, Obama is a puppet of the New World Order.’

Here we go…’                                                                                                                                                     

‘Yes, here we go. Obama was elected on a ticket for change but there will be no change. Already he has confirmed all of the draconian legislation passed by Bush and has reneged on all of his promises. The troops will not be getting out of Iraq and they were never going to be coming home. Recently he said that consideration for withdrawal will not take place for another fourteen months. Meanwhile he is giving money away to the elites so that they can buy up all of the failing banks, businesses and re-possessed real estate. The stupid fuckers in America are letting their government give their money to the Illuminati who are charging the average citizen interest on it whilst taking everything they have.’

‘I don’t think it is like that. The government is trying to save the nation from economic collapse brought about by greedy bankers. This is global. It’s the bankers fault and you know it. No one could have predicted this. It’s all hindsight.’

‘OK, if no one could have predicted this then you need to go take a look at Lindsey Williams’s site or watch Endgame, it’s there and it’s dated. And the predictions are spot on because they are not really predictions; they are the leaked plans of the elites.’                                                    

‘Well, I just can’t follow all this and I can’t accept that all of this was planned.’                                    

‘That’s because you’re not supposed to. You think that we are looked after by our politicians, that they are intelligent and aware of the scheming. You think that James Bond type villains just don’t exist. Well, they do and they strut the world stage without fear because they simply control everything. Have you heard of Bohemian Grove?’

‘No, what’s that then?’                                                                                                                                        

‘It’s a forest in California where senior politicians get together with the powerful a few times a year. Most presidents will have been there. There is a great photo of Nixon with Reagan taken in the 60’s.’

So, what’s odd about that then?’                                                                                                            

‘Well, it’s a place of grooming, making sure that those lined up for the top job will tow the line. Oh yeah, and they worship a forty foot stone owl in a Babylonian ritual…’                                    

‘C’mon, that’s it. You are fucking crazy.’                                                                                           

‘You know sometimes I wish I was. It’s fucking true. I can lend you a video of the ritual if you like or just watch it on youtube. They wear gowns and have a supposedly mock human sacrifice, a child sacrifice.’

‘Eyes Wide Shut, eh?’                                                                                                                                                

‘Yes, similar. Kubrick was on to something for sure. I am convinced his death allowed for the film to not say all that he wanted it to.’                                                                                           

‘So they took him out did they?’                                                                                                      

‘Who knows? Maybe.’                                                                                                                  

‘Right, my stop. Can’t say it’s been a pleasure chatting to you mate, but good to see you again.’

‘Yeah, good to see you too. If you want any links or anything just mail me and I’ll send you a shed load of stuff.’

‘OK, I’ll do that. Say hi to Pam.  See ya.’                                                                                                            

‘Bye Pete.’