As much as I support protests of all colours, after all the right to protest, until Covid, has been essential to the freedom of speech that we once cherished, and in particular during these awful times protests against lockdowns, I cannot support The Great Re-Opening. This movement is the brainchild of who knows and it another group set up without recourse to existing groups and in the most shoddy fashion too.

Calling for business’ to open on Saturday 30th January The Great Re-Opening is displaying a lack of planning, lack of information and lack of support for those who do open. So, although I support the aims of The Great Re-opening I cannot support the proposed actions taking place this Saturday.

I fear a few keen business owners will be targeted by the police and end up with hefty fines and that’s it. It is likely to send the message that we in the UK are not like our European counterparts and we will not rise up in the face of tyranny. It is likely to generate news stories of some being fined and this will act as a poke to not get involved in the future. Success breads success and failure…

I outlined the route to re-opening just a fortnight ago…

The Great Re-Opening have met none of the criteria. In fact, upon me pointing out a website would be a good idea The Great Re-Opening began a fund-raising campaign and raised well over their target of £250. And you have to question why £250. A domain name is from free to a tenner and hosting can be as low as £30 a year. I could have provided hosting for free as I am sure many others could have. But with two days to go the website will be delivered late, with faults and it won’t be searchable and therefore seen.

It sounds as though I am belittling those who are acting with good intentions. And I suppose I am. What they are doing is dangerous and I believe will only damage activism in the UK. See my post of yesterday detailing my concerns.

And so I’ve exited the Telegram groups. The comments in response are in agreement. The Great Re-Opening won’t take head though. I’ll watch the news on Saturday with great interest…

Andy, [27.01.21 21:20]

So, I’m outa here – £250 for website purchase and hosting is insane. It’s also too late. If this can be pulled off all well and good but it’s so poorly administered/organised that of course it’s likely there will be few business’ and so those taking part will be at risk as will those using them. I refer you back to what I said earlier and no one responded to –  ‘Instead of making yet another group I think it would be better to simply gather the existing groups into one place. The belated thinking about getting a website really is poor. I’d say it would be safer to postpone this Saturday for a permanent re opening from say a months time and after all groups are on board, the website has good content and many business are confirmed. Big platformed names are needed to getting such an effort. Just my thoughts and although in principle I still support Saturday I remain concerned for safety and effectiveness’

Scotty 🅱, [27.01.21 21:22]

Couldn’t agree more Andy. You can throw a wix site together for literally £20. Blatant cash grab

Fedupcardiff, [27.01.21 21:22]

[In reply to Andy]

I agree it’s too soon for Cardiff! I’d love to be postive but I reckon another month is more likely – restaurant and bars need supplies and surety of customers

Alex, [27.01.21 21:34]

Saturday is too soon…

Alex, [27.01.21 21:34]

Needs to build and build get momentum

Fedupcardiff, [27.01.21 21:35]

[In reply to Alex]

Totally and I think this is a really good start but too early if we wanna be realistic, it’s almost the weekend

Chris, [27.01.21 21:35]

People still sympathise with the narrative of the vulnerable getting vaccinated. I think once mid/end of Feb comes and we are still in lockdown the tide will turn

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