Each time we meet
I sniff her shoulder
A safe place to greet her
A safe place to smell
She reminds me of love
Those scents I inhale
Those life saving hugs but
I’m scarred of these now
She wants to see me
To know who I am
But what does she see?
I give all that I can
And so for excitement
And to share our night
And so to cement us
And for the moonlight
We stumble drunk, uphill,
To midnight mountain we go
Holding hands still and
Drinking wine while it flows
And we stop at the top
And talk many things
Then tumble and drop,
back homeward, clinging
Homes walls hold me
Scold me and beat me
But with her with me
of my memories I’m free
And so back to Becky
to the things that we do
or did when carefree, but
now, are we through?
Her hand’s always cold
But what of her heart?
Such feet, I’m so old, and
Her ears, where to start?
We cwtch like it’s food
And explore the flesh
in delicious mood
Loving each caress
We sometime brush over
Breast or belly or bum
A fumble under covers then
The suns dawning comes
Now her nails paint my torso
Fingers trace out her travels
I shiver and buck so but
She stops at my navel
As we are friends, just friends
Sleeping now, like puppies
Her warm body bends, so,
Mine follows, I’m happy
And no, we don’t fuck
And I love her for that
I love my good luck but
I’m sad for this fact
And her friends, Dewi, Ben,
Alyn, Chris and Bowen
She shares this with them
She spreads her love thin

But what's new now
her face has changed
she's looking at me

And now a kiss
mouth juices flowing
sluice gates open
tongue flicking, teeth biting.

And I can't stop
my hand from going there
from toe tip to crown
her body she shares

And sucking at nipples
I see her flushed chest
she's panting and mewing
it's no time to rest

She starts as my fingers
find her hot spot
And I want to dig in
I want the lot

And she relaxes as I
Back off from that space
just stroking its outer
eyes fixed on her face

it's all just changed
I've fallen in love
I want her to love me
She gives me a shove

And I don't pressure
I want this to remain
innocent and lovely
she's made me tame

and four hours pass
of kissing and rubbing
then we get up
and I leave, heart singing

But she said as I left
this can't happen again
and I try to ignore this
not wanting such pain

and so we go on
friends  in love
teasing each other
nightly sleeping together

and no, we don't fuck
and I love her for that
I love my good luck
but I'm sad for this fact.