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Will I Go To See The Damned

Would you? Would you go to see an original 1976 Punk band, a band of your youth, an anarchic band who not only influenced your life choices but provided the soundtrack for much of your […]

On Globalisation

National governments have taken many forms and remain diverse in their structure and ideology. However, the end of the cold war has seen the triumph of Western Liberal Democracy, a process that had been gaining […]

9/11 – The Catalyst For Overt Actions

9/11 was a defining moment in history, the heartland of world finance and the command centre of the American military being successfully attacked in the most cinematic of all terrorist atrocities. On 9/11 all watched footage […]

A Post Cold War

The Cold War is generally recognised as being the period from the end of the Second World War to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Characterised by enmity between the USSR and its […]


In Modern Politics and Government, Ball and Peters state ‘Politics arises from disagreements and conflicting interests, and those differences arise from a number of sources’ (Ball and Peters, 2005 p.28). This statement is an attempt […]


In the weeks preceding the Speech on Liberty, delivered on the 25th October 2007, Gordon Browns leadership was under close scrutiny. Following speculation and his dithering regarding calling an early general election during a period of decreasing poll […]


I am a conspiracy theorist. There, I have said it. I wear a tin foil hat and guard myself from alien abduction with a network of crystals and orgone energy beams. Well, some might say. […]

I Have Never Liked Trains…

It’s hard not to notice the BBC’s fascination with railways. Not that I watch TV, but I often have iPlayer rumbling away in the background as I work. This week we were offered Snowdrift at […]


Realism has been the dominant theory in international relations since the realist victory in the ‘first debate’. There is discussion as to whether the various strands of realist ideology can be viewed as a single theory, […]