Category: Short Stories

House Of Wax

Shit! Bloody hell… aargh… Oh my god not there, please not there…  Mary lay on the bench, her tormentor standing to one side, a bubbling pot of viscous fluid close to hand. The room was clean […]


He walked alone in the city, which was like somewhere out of a film or a dream. But it wasn’t. A film or a dream. The stone he could touch, the rain stuck his hair […]


To start with I do not deny – positively – the conventional explanation of ‘up and down’, or, for that matter, the concept of ‘left and right’, the understanding of ‘in and out’, or, even, […]

High Street

There are trees on the High Street. And people too. The trees stand still, although high up, where they reach for the sun, where they hold up the birds, they wave. And the people move, […]

Imagine This

Imagine this: You’re standing on a bank and the waves rise up right on time, then, when they’ve crested, suddenly they stop, they freeze solid. You turn around and behind you the happy crowds at […]

We Live Together

I drift now, from doorway to doorway, gazing through windows into the warmly lit houses, all changed. We all do, on occasion. But it wasn’t always like this, this life spent in the shadows. Once […]

Conversation In A Pub

‘I believe that at set points in your life you meet certain people for a reason. Do you think we meet people for a reason?’ Katie shudders and coughs a little. ‘Sorry, smokers cough.’ ‘Yes […]


‘It’s a consolidation. The bastards have planned this. Look, the elite’s insiders predicted this was going to happen and explained why. I can show you their blog posts; show you the documentaries that detail this.’    […]


Some time ago, quite when I cannot say, as this information was relayed to me without that important detail being imparted, in a town not too far away, although quite how far escapes me, lived […]