Conversation In A Pub

‘I believe that at set points in your life you meet certain people for a reason. Do you think we meet people for a reason?’ Katie shudders and coughs a little. ‘Sorry, smokers cough.’

‘Yes I do. Do you know the idea of the collective consciousness?’ said Andy.

‘Yeah, I do.’

‘So, if there is this matrix that binds us all together and time isn’t linear, it’s interlinked and curled and whatever, er…, some people think that if your life path is that line on the paper there…’

‘Mmm.’ Katie was liking this and was nodding, intrigued as to where this was going.

‘You’ve got an end point and a start point but there are other points like that chip there and that mark there, so, there are things that have to happen in your life…’


‘So, it’s not like we have total free will, there are key points in our life that we have to hit, we have to bump into those fixed points. But we are not absolutely at the hand of fate.’

‘Yeah, absolutely, I believe…’ 

‘Look at it as a stream with rocks in it and you’re floating down the stream and have to bump into some of the rocks along the way.’

‘Yeah, I totally agree. I think though that sometimes you can get lost, say like the last two years for me, up until March of this year, I felt totally lost. I had very little purpose. I have this massive dream, I have like this really… self-worth about my future life. I feel something really amazing is going to happen for me but then it was really frustrating for me spiritually, I really wasn’t getting it, I wasn’t feeling it, it felt all theoretical, there was no kind of magic for me and I think you can get lost in that maze and if your not active and if your thinking things through and thinking things through its like you’ve just cocooned yourself from the world because your not just going out in the world your just contemplating it all the time, and I feel guilty about that.’ Katie felt good, it was good to chat away and offload to someone who understood.

‘Isn’t it people always contemplating doing stuff, and planning things and trying to organize their life and forward looking and then having expectations about how things are going to be – the expectations are always wrong. You’ve done all of that planning and the plans never work out how you expected,’ said Andy, checking the time and the level of beer in his glass.

‘And the goal-posts move. I think though you have to have an aim, you have to have an intention, but everything that happens in between, you know, if you leave yourself open and say I’m going to trust the cosmos, I’m not religious so the cosmos works for me, I’m going to trust that it is going to open the right doors, send me the right people and ideas and I just go with the flow, don’t resist anything because if you try to control it then you are actually lessening the chances of it happening, because it will happen unexpectedly, it never happens how you think it will happen.’


‘Yeah, that has really happened for me I do find, like meditation is really important for me, the most important thing in my life.’

‘Yeah, I don’t do too much. I have done in the past, and I was better off for it,’ Andy said. As he drained his glass.

‘It is very easy to go off the ball.’

‘It very much grounds you and finds for you a sense of place.’

‘Yeah, I’ve found that it raises your energy levels so higher vibrational people and situations are drawn towards you as well so if your not meditating… a friend told me about Tao Te Ching, have I pronounced that right? It’s best to think of yourself as a house or a pot that is empty, you know, if your mind is going through constant crap chatter you can’t gain wisdom, you know, you just can’t do it. Yeah,’ Katie trailed off, knowing that she had wandered off into a philosophy that she knew little about.

‘I try and do it by osmosis.’

‘Ha ha. I love that word.’

‘Yeah, I sit at my computer and listen to a couple of American radio shows. If I had the time there is about six hours of chat a day and they are amazing. I don’t have the time to listen to it all. I stick it on my ipod and listen to it in my car whilst driving. I am sure that I am not actually listening to it all, except the really interesting bits, but the osmosis bit is that it is there all the time so it is getting in somehow,’ said Andy whilst hoping to create a gap in the conversation, soon, so that he could offer Katie another drink without seeming uninterested.

‘Mmm. Yeah. No, I think that is very true, I think your subconscious picks up on stuff that it needs to pick up on.’

‘I think your subconscious knows everything.’


‘Every single thing you’ve ever done is permanently fixed in your brain, it isn’t lost, you know what you did when you were three, all the things you’ve done, its all in there, it’s just that we have problems accessing these things. It’s definitely there. Look, are you staying on, it’s just that,’ said Andy as he picked up his glass and shook it for extra affect.