Rowan, my canine companion
is a lurcher fast and golden.
She’s oh so attractive to all
well trained, she answers her call.
Her waking life is beside me,
be it mountain, river or sea
with some lazy days of rest,
feotal, she dreams in her bed.
When walking and taking the air
beauty she unknowingly shares
with other doggy characters
who pet, admire and chatter.
Then all notion of her master
from her pea sized brain flee faster
than she runs and her mind is set
upon the attention she gets.
This compels me to smile and chat
to engage, talk doggy and cat
strange stories of four legged friends
micro tales through a furry lens.
Stranger’s hearts pour forth to me,
speaking scenes I don’t want to see.
Painful events and happy too,
but it’s not what I’m here to do.
I want to be walking my pet
in thought as she darts past my legs
but now am burdened by others
Rain, Rowan, lets head for cover.