Dream 2

I dreamt her.
We talked.
She said she had to go
but I asked her to stay.
She walked to her mother
who was outside a shop
and she winked at me.
She rejoined me, smiling,
with a pram
and inside, wrapped,
was our baby.
Maybe hand sized, sleeping,
long limbed
like a doll.
I never knew.
And I held him
and dropped him
and he writhed
as an injured cat
whirls. I whirled.
But all was OK.
She gathered him up.
And I spoke to her about him.
The other him.
I said I wanted to hit him
and she laughed.
She asked me if I wanted
to go to a wedding
of mutual friends
with her
and him
and him.
She wasn’t warm.
She was as she was
when she left.
And I woke
And I want her
And I don’t.