Fortune’s Always Hiding

As a boy I had romantic notions of armed struggle. Always one to feel that ‘they’ were getting one over on me and that ‘they’ would not play fairly, begin with a level playing field, do the right thing. It seemed natural to me that the oppressed ought to ‘take back control’ and distribute the reigns of power and so also the clearly evident national wealth. In doing we would see a blooming of wellbeing and the kicking off of a new golden, near utopian, age.

As I grew away from revolutionary belief, and I use belief with firm intention, my feeling that there was a distinct lack of Karma in life blossomed. It was almost as if bitterness born by a betrayal of my education and induction into our Western Liberal ‘Democracy’ was to replace my youthful dreams of a more equitable way to be. Armed struggle was gone, but not quite forgotten.

Now I think back to my reading of Irvine Welsh’s short ‘Fortune’s Always Hiding’. It spoke to me at the time, early nineties I think, and it confirmed in me a couple of truths. It was the sperm that sparked growth of the egg that has it’s terminal here, at these few paragraphs you are reading.

And an example that is non fiction but oh so sadly true life… Bayer Pharmaceutical had lots of Factor 8 and Factor 9. It was contaminated with HIV and the US Congress stated it was not to be used in the US. So Bayer, knowing it was unfit for human use, sold it to the UK and France and when that became too hot to handle they continued to sell it to Asian and South American nations.

Given the amount of dead people, the lives destroyed, Bayer really ought not still be trading. And certainly executives from that period ought to be languishing in jail. But no, no exec has ever been tried.

For this reason I recommend doing as Samantha in ‘Fortune’s Always Hiding’ does and putting together a small cell and actively pursuing those execs and taking them out. This would send a message that ‘the people’ will have their revenge and that there can be no escape from gross crimes.

Which brings me to now and the attacks on freedom and health and life perpetrated by most governments upon their citizens in the name of pandemic. There has been a wilful ignoring of data, of other voices than those selected to be the spokespeople of the virus and a wilful disregard for the obvious damage that the lockdowns have and will continue to cause. It’s now clear, as some indicated at the beginning of the first lockdown, that the restrictive measures will kill more people than the virus.

Therefore, there is no hiding. ‘They’ had a choice and they choose the totalitarian path. That path is a crime against humanity and they need to be tried in a Nuremberg style court. And, if that doesn’t happen…

I want to see, as headline news one morning:

‘Matt Hancock Dead! Found Hanged From A Lampost’

The 2020/21 Covid 19 Pandemic period Health Secretary has been found hanged by a group of unknown assailants. They left a note pinned to his chest. It simply said ‘Payback for the 120,000 dead as a direct result of your policies during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Other government ministers of that period… Look out… We’re coming’.

With the police and army on ‘their’ side, with a ban on demonstrations, with the press having been bought off and with the greater number of citizens living in fear and compliance in response to the greatest campaign of social coercion and manipulation in peace time and perhaps of all time, the people who just want to live there lives as they have always done have been given no choice. It’s time to tactically take out the killers, those that profit from others, the manufacturers of the crap that is clogging up our world.

I want to see the rich and the powerful live in fear of walking the streets. I want to see them unable to share the hills, the beaches, the town squares and even their families. The ought to be always looking over their shoulders. It should be that no one wants to hold positions of power. That no now would think of shitting on their neighbour.

I am a man of peace but never has there been a time when armed struggle, or rather, targeted terrorism was needed.

With this in mind I stand beside Bernadette Devlin McAliskey who has always argued for peace through the use of force, as of course those in power are very much able and prepared to use force against the peaceful. Her attack on Maudling is classic and should be lauded worldwide as an act of greatness within the established protocols of the UK political establishment. This act, now wholly justified in light of what we always knew about the events of Bloody Sunday, but only relatively recently confirmed by Saville, and Devlin’s unwavering support for the armed struggle should act as a template. This template is simple. Strike without remorse at those who clearly and without conscience strike at us in order to gain both peace and freedom.

If Devlin is the template let Hancock, Bliar and Johnson be the touchpaper that see’s the decent people of our society regain independence and self respect through acts of insurgency.