He Saw Her

Whenever he journeys
he looks for her car,
white and small.

Maybe she has sold it.

There are many
small white cars.

Only one of her.

He thinks that she may
have moved away,
somewhere distant.

She has moved on.

There are many
places she can go.

She is distant.

It has been two years
since they met,
for coffee and tears.

He remembers still.

There are many
Touching memories.

He is where he was.

There, he sees a car,
it’s small and white,
driving past fast.

Can it be her? Is it?

There are many
small white cars.

This car is hers.
And as she passes him
She double takes
She has noticed.

He is rigid at the kerb.

There are many
places she can go.

She parks nearby.
He crosses the road,
his heart is pounding,
He wants something.

All he wants is her.

There are many
Strong feelings.

He walks to his car.
He turns the key,
turns off the radio
and she is walking,

from her car to his.

There are many
Things to say

Will he ever say them?
He is thinking words
to say to her
as he pulls forward

and their paths cross.

There are many
places they could meet.

They are meeting now.
She says 'Hi' and
'what are you doing here?’
and his voice cracks,

His language scrambles

There are many
Words to choose from.

He is lost in his car.
He says ‘I’m sorry' and 
'I have to go.’
and he drives off

watching her grow small.

He has had many
Fucked interactions

His face is wet.