Holly Is Laura

Back in the day
Those days
When I was broken
I found someone
Newly mended
And so I pretended
I tried to be strong
And my song
I silently sang

She lived in Wimbledon
And had been held
Against her will
Force fed food
She wasn't willing
And finding her
For me
Changed everything
And she fed me
And I wove words
From the feeding
Into my lyrics

And we lived and loved
For three years 
And a bit
Until one day
A day I never dreamt
Though I dream her still
She moved away

Her moving moved me
More than any other she
And I crashed
And I fractured
Into so many he's
That I grew grey
As I gathered them
And I glued them
Into a new grey me
Who was much the same
As the old blondie.

Ten years on and
Guess what?
I meet a broken woman
Who is not yet mended
Living in Wimbledon
Being fed
Against her will
And I
Am breaking myself
Digging my flesh
Eating my meat
And my song
Is lyricless
Its at its end

Now, come on
What's that about?
The universe and me?
The ethers shout?

And so Holly
She's become Laura
And in my folly
I want more of her

And of her