House Of Wax

Shit! Bloody hell… aargh… Oh my god not there, please not there…  Mary lay on the bench, her tormentor standing to one side, a bubbling pot of viscous fluid close to hand. The room was clean and brightly lit, well equipped with the tools for torture.  That’s better that doesn’t hurt, there please put it there… that’s it breathe, breathe deeply and think of something, think of something, quick, what to think of… yes, last week when out on the hill, that’s it, and the evening was closing in and the sun dipped beneath the clouds casting that gorgeous pink and purple… aargh… Christ this is not going to stop is it? Oh why, why am I here? Oh God, don’t look. That felt as if a strip of flesh had come away, that, that was the worst, don’t say anything though, try to hold it together, and that gorgeous pink glow spread across the sky, now that was beautiful, oh I wish I was there now, walking the hills and… aargh!                                                                                                       

The tormentor moved away from Mary’s body, a short respite for her, scooped a treacle dripping lump from the pot and returned, applying the hot wax to Mary’s pubes.  Oh god, this is going to be the worst, think don’t scream, what though, think, oh what kind of a person would want to do this? Bloody hell that’s hot… No, no, no, aargh that really, really hurt. Mary’s leg’s kicked and shuffled but she made no attempt to remove herself from the bench. She knew that she was here for the duration and that the process was almost complete. Mary was turned over and ushered into a position on her knees, head to the bench. She knew what was coming next.  Right, this is not as bad, bloody undignified though, what does my bum look like? Is she looking at my arse-hole? Christ, no one sees me like this, right, here we go, this won’t hurt as much, please be gentle please just get it over with, yes, that almost felt pleasant, I knew it, that was alright. I can cope with that, why is the rest so bloody harsh.                                                                   

‘That’s it Mary, all done now,’ said Vanessa.   ‘Thanks Vanessa. You know, it doesn’t get any less painful. I mean, the first time was hell but today it still really hurt.’ ‘Yes, it is an uncomfortable treatment I guess, but short lived. After a few times it is easier because the hairs are weaker. You should notice this after a few more sessions.’

‘Yes, that’s what I’ve heard.’                                        

‘OK, I’ll leave you to get changed and see you out at reception,’ said Vanessa as she made her way out of the therapy room.                                                    

‘Thanks Vanessa,’ said Mary as she carefully pulled on her thong. Why didn’t I wear knickers today? This bloody thong is going to… is rubbing, that’s it, no thong. Will I come back? It’s not so bad now it is all over, a bit sore I suppose. Maybe I am just sensitive or something, no, this must be the same for everyone. That’s it. I will make another appointment, but this time it will be for Bob.