I’m Going Home

After a week in Kent I’ll be glad to be heading back to Cardiff, crossing the border and into the prinipality, and so from one county, one country of madness, to another. In point of fact there is no escaping the mass delusion despite crossing the country at it’s widest point. The reaction to Covid 19 has enthralled, enraged and en masse morphed one time sane and understanding people into foaming at the mouth stasi wannabes. And it was quick, wasn’t it… And it’s long lasting, isn’t it.

Kent has been miserable. Damp, wet, soggy, muddy. Walks have been coloured grey and the soundscape has been heavily reliant on traffic noise from the M20. How do people live like this? Who would actually choose to live in the ‘Garden of England’?

The local authorities have abandoned the average Jo in the South East and so footpaths are generally un-walkable. Remember, I am a pro walker, it’s what I do for my income, well… back in the pre Covid days… and I have found walking in the locality of my father house a nightmare. My father couldn’t get off road, the paths are so bad. Please contrast this state of affairs with the excellent networks of paths and trails in Germany and Austria. And ask the question ‘who won the war?’ And you complain and you have to have a battle with those servants of the state, the council employed mini dictators. It’s always a war isn’t it!

And so back in Cardiff I’ll have the parks and will get back to my 15,000 step days. I’ll also be getting into the Brecon Beacons for some wanders. The coast too, maybe Lavernock, maybe Sully, maybe Barry. And I’ll do so ‘legally’, remember walking is my job and I can use lockdown to develop new offerings for future provision. But, if I did not have this loophole I’d still be travelling to walk. We have to do what we need to do for our health, both mentally and physically, as it’s apparent the NHS that we’ve been so honorably defending will not be there for us when we are ill. With perhaps 6 Million on the waiting list where do you think you’ll be when you have a problem?

In Italy today there will be a mass opening, against the guidelines and laws of that country, of restaraunts and cafes and they will remain open through curfew. What can the police do about that. Fine a few perhaps but intimidate them all? No chance.

I’m still calling for collective non-compliance in the UK but I am not hopeful. People are afraid. The propagada campaigning by UK Gov has done it’s job. The egos of those well placed to lead such campaigning appears to be getting in the way. But you never know. You never know…

The Non-Compliance Alliance

You do know, however, that we are not getting out of this if we leave this to ‘them’? We are being required to fight our way out. It is a war for our minds, for our freedom and for all of our futures.

The reason for being in Kent was to provide respite care for my sister who is the sole carer for my father. He is a independent but frail 93 year old. He had his first Pfizer experimental vaccine on Saturday and seems fine, felt a bit iffy Sunday but then that is similar to the effect of the annual flu jab. But what really is the point? He’s 93. He still can’t do anything or go wanywhere and even if he could nothing is open and the world outside of his world, home alone mostly, is a distopian hell of faceless people and The Covid Police.

The shine is missing from his life. There is no sparkle.

The shine is missing from your life. You have no sparkle.

Take back your life, polish your brass and your chrome and see the sparkle return to the eyes of you and more importantly to the eyes of your loved ones.

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