It Was A Momentary Dream…

Yes, phew… I woke this morning and went for a wander with the pooch. The sun was shining and my mind was thinking about getting on with things like repairing all sorts of shit in the house, with writing, with planning in some walks for Wales Outdoors and some art classes for Cardiff Life Model Collective. And then it hit me… THE PANDEMIC!

But, it was such a nice morning, with few people and not a mask in sight.

It must have been a dream…

Morning in Thompson’s Park, Canton, Cardiff.

On the way back to the house however my brief sojourn into the spirit realm of 2019 and ‘normality’ was sharply dismissed as the masks and the avoidance and the weird energy that pervades everything nowadays came into sight and made itself manifest.

It hadn’t been a dream.


And so into the nightmare I reluctantly returned.

Special Offer! Bonus Prize! Free!

And today there was the offer, perhaps, of +£500 for a positive test and -£800 for being at a party of 15 people or more. Specific I know but the suits need to have things to discuss, to plan and to enact. Some wag said ‘in that case I’ll go for a party of 14 people, pay my £200 fine and because I will have been bound to have caught Covid I’ll have a test and get my £500.’ Genius!

You Are All Insane (I’m Not) – Although If You Are Reading This You’re Probably Not Either… It’s Everyone Else That Is Mad!

It’s often said that if you think all about you are insane then it is likely that it is you who have the problem. I don’t think that is the case now, within the clutches of Covid 19 hysterics. I really do think all about me are insane and I really do believe I can prove it. Of course the insanity begins with the fear and that has been criminally laid upon the masses by the government and thier SAGE psychology advisors. But that is NO EXCUSE.

We all have a responsibility to look after ourselves, to think about our surroundings and of those around us. It’s what being human is all about. It’s what being part of any society demands of us. That is the contract.

It is very much the case that most have given up on the contract and are being led, hook through nose, into a future that I am terrified of imagining. And because I live in their society I am being swept along with them, kicking and screaming, but swept along all the same…

If you’ve enjoyed reading this please do support me. I’ve had NO FINANCIAL SUPPORT from the state, like, ever and certainly none through the Covid years. I have relied upon my savings which are now zero and the few walks I’ve been able to lead this year (I’m a self employed guided walks leader in Wales.)

Thank you