It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

And I feel fine… Ish…

For very many years prior to the Covid 19 ‘Crisis’ I was declaiming to all that would listen that we are actually in the handcart and well on our way to hell. We’ve been unable to apply the breaks since we were forced onto this ride on 22nd November 1963. There is no saviour, no grass roots movement, no ability to understand and so to offer up dynamic and sustainable solutions. Subsequently to reaching this bleak conclusion world affairs have rather rapidly deteriorated, with all opinion on all issues now so utterly polarised that fist fighting at dawn seems to be the only manner in which any resolution can be attained.

But I do feel fine. I believe that there is no long term future for humanity, in our current form, and the forms that the elites have in mind are certainly not palatable to me. I work and plan and enjoy walks and think on how things might be for me in the near future. And I return to the declaiming and my usual offering up of hope. Despite being in the handcart we can surround ourselves with love and friendship and we can bubble, not from fear of a now and perhaps always non existent virus, but to create bubbles that live outside of the social norms and the systems that impose themselves on us all.

A couple of years back I had someone join me on one of my guided tours of Tenerife and she said that 2019 was to be hers. She termed it TwentyMineTeen. Well, she was quite selfish. And last year I termed 2020 TwentyTwentyVision, a year that was to be the busiest and most enjoyable of all, with tours overseas once a month and an expansion of walk leaders for my business, Wales Outdoors. It was to be a year that I would see clearly the world and my place in it. As it turned out it was a year where some certainly began to see with some clarity as millions became ‘radicalised’, aware of the UK Governments and the mainstream media and social medias mismanagement and deceit surrounding covid and the associated legislation.

This year, 2021, I am thinking will be far from a hoped for TwentyTwentyFun but will be more suitably termed TwentyTwentyDumb. We have to call out those wilfully riding the handcart, indeed, willing the cart to speed up in it’s descent into the pit. And we can blame them. Ignorance is not acceptable in a digital age. The statistical information is out there, is published for all to see, if only they would look. But it’s so much easier to be scared into greasing the tracks and the masking of ones eyes.

You can follow me on twitter and engage with me there, you can join in the Covid 19 group chat within the Wales Outdoors Community and as support for my, for some, ludicrous assertions made in this post, I embed the Covid 19 Factbook:



The total number of NHS hospital beds in England, including general and acute, mental illness, learning disability, maternity and day-only beds, has more than halved over the past 30 years, from around 299,000 in 1987/88 to 141,000 in 2018/9, while the number of patients treated has increased significantly.

The Kings Fund

No wonder the NHS is most winters under acute stress. The disingenuity of the BBC and the rest of the mainstream in reporting the crisis as a result of covid is criminal.

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