Jackboot Times

BREAKING: 65,000+ military troops now in Washington D.C. and 2,000+ National Guard have been sworn in as U.S. Marshals.

I know that there was a demonstration that spilled over into the Capitol but hey man, it was not simply what it appears to be… Let’s have a look at this…

Despite Trump being loose with his language and despite commentators being able to infer incitement I saw nothing in any Trump speeches or tweets around the 6th January that called for the occupation of the Capitol. Subsequent to this we have seen the removal of Trumps voice and those of his supporters from internet search engines and from the large social media platforms.

Wasn’t it Deep Throat that said follow the money? Well, no, but hey, most believe it was and we can roll with that. And if we ‘follow the money’ we see that the loser was Trump and the benefit falls wholly within the boundaries of the Democratic camp.

There’s plenty of well documented links showing the police and security stepping aside, letting protestors though and into the Capitol, of BLM and Antifa protestors at the fore in the incursion. This details one such activist who has been arrested by the FBI

So, was Trump played? It certainly seems so.

Beware Mission Creep

You US citizens better keep an eye on things. Sometimes the stuff that governments put in place to ‘protect the people’ never go away and that protection morphs over time into a jackboot stomping on a face… forever.

And so we get to 65,000 troops, yes military, on the streets of Washington DC. That seems a tad excessive don’t you think?

In 2002 there were 1000 US troops in Afghanistan rising to about 10,000 by December 2003. Think about that. That was a real war fighting real people who really wanted to kill Americans. So, why 65,000 troops in DC? I cannot explain this. The 25,000 troops of just a couple of days ago was rather too many in my eye. This is now in the realms of military coup but even that action doesn’t require this level of military overkill.

Of course it will be said that there could be a large Trump supporters demonstration opposed to the inauguration of President Elect Joe Biden tomorrow. At least, that’s what will be said. But it cannot be for this reason alone.

Any theories are pointless at this stage as the theatre will play out tomorrow. It will certainly be an inauguration that I will observe and having observed none before and so not having a previous version to compare it to I’m sure that it will look to me all just fine and dandy. Can’t wait!

What Is Clear…

From the fallout from the 2016 election through to today it is clear that there is most certainly one rule for one and one rule for another

This tweet was never fact checked. Nancy has never had her account subject to the oversight and belittling of Trump.

Police take the knee at a BLM demonstration and police arrest a German Doctor for speaking at Speakers Corner following a Freedom Rally…

That the BLM protests and the defund the police activism was allowed to run it’s course with the implicit support of many Democratic Party politicians, and likewise in the UK with our police watching statues being defaced or pulled down and at demonstrations taking the knee. That the police abuse and arrest some and allow others free passage is something that only can come from Government. Have you see Priti Patels most recent statements? Quite one sided I’d say.

The demonstrations are the theatre which enables public opinion to be guided down one path or another. The narrative of the ‘attack on the Capitol’ is now firmly one of white supremacy seeking a coup. The citizens of the US will accept 65,000 troops own the streets of DC as they really have no other option but also because half of them have supported this action, they’ve been guided to accepting it as ‘good’.

For me the incursion into the Capitol was a wake up call. It was clearly a planned operation where security was asked to stand down. It was clearly guided by activists. It was clearly supported by very many Trump supporters who really did not know they were being played. It was clearly a victory for the left. And so it was a wake up call for all to know that things are never what they seem at first to be. Being neither left nor right I kinda sit above the games that are being played out and am amused, rather like a pagan god, by the childlike machinations of my subjects (yes I do have delusions of grander – please see If I Were A Global Dictator – a work in progress).

But they aren’t games, are they. People suffer. People die.

We must resist the jackboot and 65,000 troops in DC is certainly that on steroids. It’s for a long time been argued that a private policy of generating division, of polarising society, is the only method a Western Liberal Government has at it’s disposal for manipulating and controlling it’s citizens. Well, they’ve done a good job. I believe we are at peak polarisation. It’s my way or the highway time.

It will be a rocky road but I advise you to take my way as their way doesn’t look too promising…

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