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I contacted Kent Police in advance of providing a weeks respite to my sister in our caring for my 93 year old father who lives independently but is frail and requires shopping and cleaning routinely and cooking of meals for him on a daily basis.

Start Time: 07-01-2021 14:10:47 End Time: 07-01-2021 14:22:31 Agents: Michelle 60134


[14:12:05] Andrew: I am a resident of Cardiff and my father lives in Borough Green and is cared for by my sister who lives locally. She is in need of respite and I want to come up next week for a week to provide that – my father is 93. Is that something that I can do under the current restrictions?
[14:13:38] Michelle 60134: Hi Andrew I cannot advise you that this is ok. I have to refer you to the government website for all information surrounding the do’s and don’ts as it is the government that issue the guidance.
[14:13:42] Michelle 60134: taxon=774cee22-d896-44c1-a611-e3109cce8eae#going-to-work
[14:13:54] Michelle 60134: Thank you for contacting us today Andrew.
[14:15:32] Andrew: But it isn’t clear and is ambiguous. If you can’t provide definitive advice I will have to assume that it is OK for me to care for my father and if stopped I would have to refuse any attempt at the imposition of a fine…
[14:17:06] Michelle 60134: Andrew I have not said that this is ok and have to refer you to the correct website. You maybe stopped due to the borders being closed and it is not the police that have to advise you that this is ok and the guidance is issued by the government. Sorry I cannot clarify this for you.
[14:18:24] Michelle 60134: Please visit the web address above.
[14:20:09] Andrew: OK – I have but as I say there is no information about travelling from one area to another…
[14:20:22] Andrew: No worries, I’ll just have to take the risk.
[14:22:24] Michelle 60134: You would need to have a look on the website regarding vulnerable persons as we are now in a National Lockdown and travel is forbidden unless essential. You would need to see if your reasons are deemed as essential and I cannot advise you of that. The police have not put these regulations in place and we cannot advise that this is ok for you to do. I understand the frustrations in this but please visit the website and have a further look. Thank you.Agent Michelle 60134 has left the chat.
The chat is ended. (14:22:32)

Feedback left after the chat ended:

I am outraged that the police DO NOT know the law but are tasked with and readily do enforce it. Shameful!