Letter to Mr Thomas

I believe Mr Thomas that you are the head of Cardiff Council. As such I hope you agree that the buck stops with you. And what a buck it is…

Your council is not failing on every level. It HAS failed and continues to do so.

If you were a captain of industry you’d be booted out by the shareholders. I do hope that that transpires in the May elections although my faith in the electorate to understand politics and so do the right thing is just about as low as is my faith in you.

I am going to outline a considerable number of shortcomings that alone are not that astounding, given that your ‘business’ is that of local government and as such you are simply following a trend set many years in the past, but that collectively pose a very serious question. And that question is:

‘What makes you fit for office given such a sorry tale of you presiding over a web of lies, waste and deceit?’

Complaint Jan 4th re footpaths around Caerau being unfit for purpose and unmarked forwarded by BETHAN to the Service Area Complaints Department. NO RESPONSE.

Complaint Nov 29th re closure of A470 leaving Cardiff with NO WARNING in advance for motorists, resulting in an additional forty minutes travelling time and me being late for work. Sent to Highways and NO RESPONSE despite this being a financial claim and threatening court action.

Complaint Oct 28th re closure of Thompsons Park. First complaint notice ignored, NO RESPONSE, second was a response but with an outright lie. This was followed up with the council incriminating itself in the lie and me having a discussion with a local councillor who had no intention of seeking resolution but only to tell me ‘how it is’. Very rude indeed.

Complaint re Ely Trail – May NO RESPONSE – June NO RESPONSE – July messaged Facebook – August and the response came but it was lies, stating the trail was regularly walked and that it was fine. It had not been fine for very many years… Surface repairs and fencing to protect both trail and by pass users ongoing… That’s nearly a full year…

And yet you have the staff and finance to put in ramps on kerbs in residential areas off Cardiff…

What we have are clear patterns of LIES and of IGNORING those who take the time to use the complaints service.

Please feel free to comment on these cases.

I do want to know what policies you have in place to discipline those who lie to members of the public and who ensures that complaints are actually answered.

What consultations take place with local residents regarding the change to closing times of parks, for example. Did you know they were closing Thompsons Park at 3.30pm in mid October, prior to the clocks changing, making during lockdown the park was closed a full two and a half hours prior to dusk? I was told the park was being locked again due to recent anti social behaviour. I queried this and there was no recent anti social behaviour recorded. I was lied to. This is what I am writing to you about and you ought to be able to be held fully accountable.

I look forward to hearing from you.