Lies and More Damned Lies

I write to Huw Thomas, leader of Cardiff Council, yet again…

May I begin by reminding you that I still reserve the right to make a direct claim against your person in Cardiff Courts for my time and costs in these matters…

1) My message re rubbish in Cardiff was received but to date has not been responded to.  And that is 20 days. And only about rubbish… That’s poor service don’t you think? You have a day to respond within your promised window… 

2) The council sent me this on 30th March

‘Dear Mr Lamb, I can confirm your email has been received and  the issues you have raised will be re-addressed and a response will follow within 21 days, if we are unable to provide you with a comprehensive response within the 21 days a holding letter will be sent to you.’

As you can see it has been a lot longer than 21 days and of course there has been NO interim email, as promised. When can this finally be dealt with? 

3) I understand that the police, who are almost as bad as the council at responding to enquiries, have been trying to get in touch and get a response from Cardiff Council re drivers jumping red lights at the junction of Llandaf Road and Romilly Road. They have requested monitoring of the lights there and asked for cameras and fines for those jumping the reds, which is a very regular, like every 3 minutes, occurrence.  

Please tell me if the council are to respond to the police and when you do what action at this location you intend to take. 


Given that the main thrust of my complaining is one of the council having zero regard for the general publics advice, complaints or the councils own promises don’t you think it is now time for you to either:

1) Resign
2) Undertake a customer service overhaul of Cardiff Councils systems with at the promise that response times will be improved and laying down a compensation scheme for when the council fails in it’s service and duty of care.