Mark Drakeford

I sent an email to Drakeford. I expect to get back a link to the Welsh Assembly’s Coronavirus information page. I was incensed by the lack of science in the recent statement and importantly the assertion that it is peoples desire to visit the countryside that is preventing the release of Welsh citizens from the travel restrictions.

‘I’m totally disgusted with your recent statement to the nation.

In response I posted this across my platforms:

‘As expected (but certainly not as hoped for) it’s business as usual. At least for the time being. Drakeford is expected to announce later today (he’s leaked most of the info on BBC Breakfast this morning) little change to the draconian lockdowns (remember when the term ‘lockdown’ was only ever associated with prisons?) imposed by his regime. He will offer up a timeline of review and will ask all in Wales to be patient. You can now meet 4 people outdoors! But you still cannot travel beyond your ‘local area’.

Who do these politicians believe themselves to be? Please let there be a reckoning at the forthcoming elections in May. Please let the independents wipe out the reds and the blues. There is no sound basis for the continued lockdowns and ongoing restrictions. 

Only yesterday it was firmly stated by a SAGE spokesperson that being outdoors in large groups poses NO THREAT of infection. And continuing a policy that the governments own analysts state will, in the long run, cause more death’s and associated misery than the problem that policy is intended to be a solution for, always has been and starkly remains insane.

And are you prepared for the cost? Let me do the math… 30 million taxpayers in the UK. 400 billion spent on lockdowns and failed attempts to battle the virus so far. That is £13,333 that you owe. That you, if you are employed, will have to pay back…

And I don’t get the science. In fact no one has been able to clearly explain why the measures have to remain in place once the vulnerable have received ‘the shot’. And in Wales all of the vulnerable have. 

So, given I don’t want to rack up more ‘debt’, that the vulnerable are safe, that there IS NO THREAT from being outdoors in groups and that continued lockdown will be the cause of more deaths from other than covid causes then Drakeford’s announcement is weak, unimaginative and utterly shameful.

Shame on him and his political class.’

I would like an explanation please. I want to know why we can’t drive to exercise when being outdoors is absolutely the safest place to be and when the vulnerable are ‘safe’ and when the NHS is not going through it’s yearly ‘crisis’?