Me Two

What would you do
If you noticed
Someone like you
At the edge
Of your vision
Hacking away
At your senses
hammer blows
At all that
You rely on?

Imagine the familiar
Perhaps family
Maybe another
A second you
Tearing at the cloth
upon which
Is written
In loving fashion
And generous style
The story of you

What would you do?
If no matter when
It could be
Day or night
You could be working
Or sleeping
Or just
doing nothing
He or she
is there
The other you
Scratching at
Your eyeballs
Picking at
Your nose
Pushing clay
Into your ears
Chatting with you
Well, at...

I think
We all have
Another me
Checking us
Keeping us in check.

And the brutality
The hacking away
For me
Comes from me
Not him
I think I tell him
What to say
What to do
But like all thought
I don't know
It could come from you
And there's no way
For me to know
And so he stays
And says all
That I ought to do

What about you
Are you you
Or do you have the other
Talking you through
All that you do
And how you live

And no deep cut
Removes him
No drunken night
Has him loosing his way
In the morning
He's there
Beside and inside
Prodding and poking