Night Out

A friend, Amy, invited me,
she confirmed availability,
prompted and poked me,
so I decided to go.
Roused from my lethargy
I bathed long and vigorously,
well used my perfumery
I was off to a show.
I drove south to the city
the seat empty beside me,
prompting such melancholy,
I still missed her so.
The parking was easy,
Then I walked oh so slowly,
and Stopping momentarily,
my hand gripped a ghost’s.
Then, facing her gingerly
I pleaded for honesty,
wind whistled back bleakly
her voice was as frost.
Shivers ran through me,
my heartbeat thumped wildly
then acting most consciously
I turned and walked fast.
Now striding boldly
the doors parted smoothly
and people looked happy
but where was my host?
My arrival was early,
so to the bar for coffee,
I people watched furtively,
inside I was lost
in a world so lonely
without my love Holly
our dreams so destructively
from our doorstep cast. 
We once lived so cosily
she wrapped around me,
still where was Amy?
Now rise up the past.
Time flowed creatively
I succumbed to a reverie
of such exquisite beauty
she was with me at last.
Sat laughing beside me
she gazed at me, lovingly,
but I turned, momentarily,
and away she had passed.
Standing quite suddenly
a panic had stricken me,
as maybe she unknowingly
would attend the show too!
With great sense of urgency
lest Amy espied me
I escaped through the lobby
from not one, but two.
Mechanically I quickly
drove off through the city,
homeward so speedily
my friend never knew
of my fleeing so hastily
before she had met me,
after she so kindly
tried to see through
the void glued within me
where she, lost love Holly
resided so perfectly
just one year ago.
How lovers claws lingeringly
clutch so persistently,
Their shades so abidingly
Cling fast to our souls
Still fear stalks so starkly,
waiting so patiently,
for she’ll meet me eventually
and what then will I do?