Now Free And Compensate Assange!

That freedom is in flight is, in part, the failure of the ‘free’ press to defend the human rights of one of their own. Journalism is dead!

Julian Assange has won the first step in what is believed will be a long battle with the UK ‘Justice’ system. His 10 year struggle for freedom and release from vindictive treatment by the U.S., the Swedish and the UK Governments will inevitably trundle on.

Julian had his extradition request blocked today by a judge at The Old Bailey but of course the U.S. may appeal. Bail it is stated is unlikely to be granted. But why? Julian can’t travel outside of the UK during a national lockdown and in any case even if borders were generally open Julian would be foolish to leave the relative safety of the United Kingdom. Them U.S. agents have a good record of kidnapping those that the state requests audience with and so staying put in some heavily populated area in the UK would be advised.

Given however that Julian effectively lost his claim that the case against him was political and was also an attack on journalism does not bode well for the future of our freedom for information. Perhaps commentators other than Peter Hitchens, who by the way has admirably defended Assange’s position, ought now jump on the bandwagon and call for all charges to be dropped, for the UK Gov to dismiss further U.S. calls for extradition or punishment. Any commentator that remains silent must be regarded as complicit in not just the state torture of a human being but of the permanent loss of our ability to enquire, investigate and whistleblow.

Assange should be released now. Not tomorrow, not in a months time or a years time but NOW! A compensation plan needs to be offered and I believe whatever Assange demands will be the right level of compensation. After all, he’s been wrongfully and politically ‘imprisoned’ now for 10 years.

If we stand idle and do not raise our voices I fear Assange will remain in Belmarsh for years to come. Shame on UK politicians, on all UK journalists and shame on us all…