Those And Me

My first collection of poetry, self published to great acclaim, even if I do say so myself 😉 If you want a signed copy Contact Me and I will send you a link to pay […]


I am a conspiracy theorist. There, I have said it. I wear a tin foil hat and guard myself from alien abduction with a network of crystals and orgone energy beams. Well, some might say. […]


Oh, how ageing delivers complications, dumping issues and chores and routines and problems, piling up the stack till life holds to itself an ever present and very personal Everest.  Are we therefore mountaineers, who, when feeling fit […]

Conversation In A Pub

‘I believe that at set points in your life you meet certain people for a reason. Do you think we meet people for a reason?’ Katie shudders and coughs a little. ‘Sorry, smokers cough.’ ‘Yes […]

I Have Never Liked Trains…

It’s hard not to notice the BBC’s fascination with railways. Not that I watch TV, but I often have iPlayer rumbling away in the background as I work. This week we were offered Snowdrift at […]


‘It’s a consolidation. The bastards have planned this. Look, the elite’s insiders predicted this was going to happen and explained why. I can show you their blog posts; show you the documentaries that detail this.’    […]

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I built a sauna

During Wales’ second lockdown Kate and I decided enough was enough and that given UK saunas had been shut since March and it was now late October we really ought to do something to remedy […]


Realism has been the dominant theory in international relations since the realist victory in the ‘first debate’. There is discussion as to whether the various strands of realist ideology can be viewed as a single theory, […]


Some time ago, quite when I cannot say, as this information was relayed to me without that important detail being imparted, in a town not too far away, although quite how far escapes me, lived […]

The Recovery

She was snow light; she shone by his side. He was coal black. He was wolf pack.   Her soul was sharp; she slashed at his senses.   He was icy hearth. He was fake […]