I tied her to the kitchen table, I bound
her legs and arms, her wrists and thighs.
I gagged her mouth, taped over her eyes.
I watched her lying stretched and prone.
She was my star, my heart, my flower.
I told her this for a fair few hours.
My words I spat at her closed eyes.
They crashed like pennies falling on stone.
She wet herself, gave a muffled moan.
I stroked her cheek and proceeded on.
Unbuttoned her blouse to see her breast.
Her ribbed and white and heaving chest.
Then I took the sharpest paring knife,
cut through her skin, then began peeling.
I removed her ribs as she was screaming.
Till there it was - her loving part.
Her heart that beat for me in rations,
pulsating wildly, so full of passion.
I reached in, gripped it with both hands.
Her healthy throb stalled then fluttered.
Now she’s all mine, to myself, I muttered.
Did I truly rip her life from her?
Of course I did and I will do more.
For she is mine and I am hardcore.