The Great Re-Opening

I’ve spent some time on Telegram trying to sort out my involvement with The Great Re-Opening. Here is the thread which started ofter having no responses to questions on the various accounts, UK, Wales, South Wales and Cardiff.

I believe that The Great Re-Opening is a fine objective but it is so poorly organised and offers no support to those actively participating that I cannot encourage others to join up and place themselves in the path of the law.

Andy, [27.01.21 08:48]
I don’t get this group or any of the other groups. No one seems to answer any questions and for most following a random stream of comments is frustrating. Is there any other place, website, well run forum etc. that is more user friendly? Without ease of use both for disseminating info and for interraction this is never going to fully reach it’s potential

Kalial, [27.01.21 09:07]
[In reply to Andy]
Yeah I’m with you on this one I think we should try to be more engaging. I guess everyone just wants to say their piece😅

Andy, [27.01.21 09:08]
[In reply to Kalial]
That’s fine and there is a place for a feed like this but to deliver a movement in this way is really I think in the long term counter productive. People will walk away as they don’t understand it or they can’t get the info they want.

Kalial, [27.01.21 09:10]
Yeah true. I just wanna know what local businesses are gonna be open on saturday and then I can take action 😅

Andy, [27.01.21 09:12]
[In reply to Kalial]
Me too – I’ve asked for a list and happy to get that by DM so that I can plan a guided walk taking in as many as possible. That’s my business, guided walks. If I can’t plan I won’t be able to do it…

Andy, [27.01.21 09:13]
Also, there will be business’ that are wanting to take part but who don’t want to be ‘the only one’ and so isolated. It’s really important to have a page of business who have commited to be open – it’s possible to hide true identities – to inspire confidence in others…

Kron, [27.01.21 09:13]
[In reply to Andy]
I’m pretty sure it’s already been stated that a list of businesses will be released on Saturday?

Andy, [27.01.21 09:14]
[In reply to Kron]
Too late

Scotty 🅱, [27.01.21 09:15]
[In reply to Andy]

Kron, [27.01.21 09:16]
If they release it now police would have time to stop businesses planning on opening. I’ll try and find the message I’m referring to.

Andy, [27.01.21 09:20]
[In reply to Kron]
I think it not beyond the bounds of any imagination to be able to collate a list of those who are committed and to provide a list of those but with hidden identities, like, Cardiff bakery, Pontcanna hairdresser etc. Far more business’ would be on board if they knew for sure that a good few already were. And as stated i want to deliver a pre planned guided walk around all of them to my walk clients but how can i do that if i dont have a list, no matter how rough.

Andy, [27.01.21 09:31]
Unfortunately I don’t think I can support this event. My business is – go to my blog to see I’ve been anti lockdown from the get go. It is this business I wanted to open on Saturday and deliver a guided walk to open locations. That takes planning that it would appear this movement isn’t able to adequately do. This is my personal blog site – – I think you can see I am pretty much on board. I can’t support this as I believe there is no support network in place for those who do get fined, no support for those who will get arrested, that there will be less business’ open than is needed to make a difference and that instead of being a well organised effort this is hit and miss hopeful wishing for something that I believe will only endanger well meaning individuals and business’. I’m happy to have this opinion overturned. Se my post offering solution to how this ought to have been organised here –

Kron, [27.01.21 09:56]
People have done this on their own months ago and not paid fines…. If your not on the high street and you have to take bookings for your business it may be a little different approach. Being negative and spreading doubt is only poisoning the well. Build a support network, take leadership.

Kron, [27.01.21 10:00]
[In reply to Andy]
I would support your business as a customer

Andy, [27.01.21 10:03]
[In reply to Kron]
Unfair – I’m not being negative, I’m being supportive and encouraging. However, if the movement here is unable to effectively organise and to provide confidence then it will fail in it’s objectives and if it fails then it puts many people who are supportive and who do on the day open or go shopping at risk of both fines and arrests. Kron, what solicitor support is there? What financial support is there? I believe simply urging people to take a leap of faith and possibly suffer adverse consequences without any published support is a big ask and one that won’t in the long term serve the movement well.

And so I have decided to not support the day in person and to advise others to not support the day. However, I truly hope the day is a huge success and that The Great Re-Opening sends a clear message to government and in fact isn’t for a day but those shops remain open for good.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this please do support me. I’ve had NO FINANCIAL SUPPORT from the state, like, ever and certainly none through the Covid years. I have relied upon my savings which are now zero and the few walks I’ve been able to lead this year (I’m a self employed guided walks leader in Wales.)

Thank you