The Non Compliance Alliance

I think we’ve all had enough. This past week or two have seen attacks on our freedoms, have seen the UK Gov pass restrictive Covid Crisis measures and to imply that they will go further. The police are actively pursuing and fining citizens for walking and to top it all social media and big tech have been emoldened by the forthcoming innaugaration of Joe Biden and are deplatforming a wide range of commentators and services.

And our voice, the voice of the sane, the voice of the thoughtful and balanced, our voice is not being heard. We live in an increasingly loud but increasingly shrinking echo chamber. And frustratingly, there is no end in sight. Our being silenced has no sell by date. Well, that is and will remain the case, if we do not act.

Collectively, be you from the right or the left, be you an old punk with both feet still in anarcho politics or a conservative who used to be a Trotsky-ite, we must come together to network, to act in concert, to support each other.

I am positive the ideas are out there. For example, if I had a house (I live in my van/on my boat) I would be minded to withold my council tax. Now, a single person? What’s the point in that! But a movement of millions doing the same and fighting any court actions collectively… That’s a thing. The self employed and small business owners collectively witholding thier taxes, that would send a message, local home ed groups stating they have NO INTENTION of ever sending thier kids back to school, shopping in supermarkets, at, say, 4-5pm on Mondays, collectively and without masks. You get it. Alone we are nothing. Together we can effect change and we can effect that change today!

And then the agitation and the campaigning… All groups against lockdown, no matter thier political colour need to be welcome, ego’s left at the door, and engaging on the SINGLE ISSUES of ending lockdown and legislation enshrining web freedom in UK law. Remember, they said three weeks to flatten the curve and given ministers recent statements we will not be clear of some kind of restrictions well into 2022 and by then we’ll be nicely conditioned, won’t we… You know ‘they’ have no intention of ever letting go of the power they have accrued. You know they are working to an agenda that they are holding close to thier chest. But this is not the place to discuss those issues. However, FREEDOM must be discussed and fought for…

And, so, The Non Compliance Alliance. I am not particularly up for it but if the ‘big guns’ such as David Icke and Peter Hitchens and Julia Hartley-Brewer and Mike Graham and Lawrence Fox and Sue Cook and Desmond Swayne and Nigel Farage and David Kurten and Save Our Rights and Peter Whittle and Carl Vernon and Richard Tice and Gareth Icke and Carol McGiffin and Van Morrison and Carl Heneghan and Mike Yeadon and James Delingpole and Toby Young and Douglas Murray are on board I will buy the domain name and within two days build a site that would enable networking, information dissemination and planning coordination.

I would also be VERY happy if someone saw this as a great idea and with enthusiasm bought the domain and built the service. In fact I’d prefer that. So, please do! With a quick turnaround and launch and pushed out there by those named above we could see coordinated action by the end of next week!

We need to take back control. No more obeying those who have no mandate for delivering us this mess. We begin to work to our own collective mandate and pressure those in power to engage in constructive discourse with the aim to immediately change policy direction and to enshrine personal freedoms into law so that this technocratic totalitarianism can NEVER be even considered again.