The Sunday Service

A round up of my weeks commentary without any new stuff. It’s my day off 🙂

January 18th – They are at it again, the police that is, smashing the skulls of the citizens they are paid to protect…

January 19th- When a politician needs 65,000 troops to protect him from the people then the problem surely must lie with the politicians

January 20th – You Want to vote? You’d better know a bit about politics first!

January 21st – WHO tear down covid stats and make the vaccine appear to be working

January 22nd – Stop The World!

January 23rd – I support the SWP in their ban (temporary) from Facebook despite the SWP not supporting others banned from Social Media.

And to today – Have a fine day all and do get out for some healthy fresh air and do hug someone you love xx

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Thank you 🙂