Thesaurus is the magnitude of tome
a precocious youth may perchance prefer,
expecting to attain mature comprehension of dinosaurus
that garrison the reveries of salad days.
Thesaurus is not such a treatise but
an unimaginative, unforgiving dissemination,
offering shortcuts to pre-eminence in literary construction
rather than gripping narration or convoluted plot.
Thesaurus for the hypermetropic feminist
with a preponderance for the occult, reads Taurus.
Astrology, however, is not this texts specialism,
cosmic wisdom eluding its voluminous content.
Thesaurus browsing is to delve
into the mysterious world of synonyms and antonyms
for words that have similar or opposing concepts,
expanding vocabulary exponentially.
Thesaurus does not contain itself,
Brontosaurus, Stegasauraus or T. Rex.
Beware then not the beast within its laden binding
but the verbose progeny it fosters.
I advocate Jurassic Park for the young