What Is Wrong With You?

I’m not going to bang on about how much data there is showing that the death rates for countries that never locked down are the same for those that did, that the death rates are not indicative of a pandemic and that the evidence is in that lockdowns do little to nothing to resist the spread of the virus. I’m not going to tell you that the CDC in August 2020 said that people without symptoms SHOULD NOT be tested. I’m not going to remind you that the WHO are now advising that the amplification of the PCR tests needs to be reduced making all past case data, as we have been saying since April, over-inflated and invalid. I’m not going to tell you that we have 6 million people on NHS waiting lists and a crisis in mental health with soaring suicides. And I won’t mention the schools and the damage being laid onto our young people in bucket loads.

And yet it’s possible that 70% or more of the UK’s population want more lockdown, more control, more of doing nothing and effectively waiting to die. ‘Cause this ain’t living! Who do that 70% think they are? They are certainly not informed. They certainly haven’t bothered to do some research, to read a little more widely, to engage with the science and the debate in an holistic manner. They certainly don’t speak for me! What is wrong with them?

And if you are one of them what is wrong with you? Can’t you see that this is a sustained attack on liberty and we are all involved in a battle, that if we are not very careful, we, the people, will end up loosing.

When you see these images and videos what do you think? Do you think good on them? do you think criminals and vandals? Why aren’t you getting out onto the streets and campaigning, joining the freedom marches and manning the barricades of resistance? What is wrong with you?

Update On The Great Re-Opening 30th January


So, just ask yourself, what is wrong with me that I am not or I don’t want to be part of a vibrant movement who’s sole aim is to overturn lockdown and to get back our personal and societal freedoms.

WTF Is Wrong With You!!!

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