To start with I do not deny – positively – the conventional explanation of ‘up and down’, or, for that matter, the concept of ‘left and right’, the understanding of ‘in and out’, or, even, the ethical question of ‘right and wrong’. For who am I to deny these things – positively. In fact, who is able, with an assuredness of the righteous, to deny, affirm or announce any ‘truth’, as surely, all that we think we know as truth must be pure speculation. A shot in the dark. And our truth is only as certain as that of any shot, which, fired in the dark, must hit a target. But what target, what clump of grass or poor unfortunate. You see, all is random in this. There is no certainty, no truth. And so a few examples…

How do you understand gravity? I am guessing that you think using learnt Newtonian logic, that an apple falls to the ground due to the gravitational pull of the Earth, the Earth being the larger of the two objects and with a far greater mass. Well, this is not the case. Your weight on Earth, the reason why you don’t float off the surface, is not due to the Earth being extremely heavy, but due to the Earths warping of spacetime, and more importantly, time. And I stated that with authority. Sorry. For although Eistein’s theory of General Relativity is in the main accepted as a truth, it does have problems and so will be superceded… And superceded is the key. All truths are transitory.

What do you know of Plate Tectonics? A little, perhaps a fair bit. But did you know that Plate Tectonics is a theory? And until the 1960’s wasn’t taught in schools as the mechanism for continental drift. And did you know that there are many other theories that work well enough in their explanation of the size and shape of our planet and continents, such as the Expanding Earth Theory or the Pole Shift Theory.

And of the moon… what a strange object it is. Without the silver orb we would certainly not be here, for its influence on our planet has been manyfold. It absorbs the impacts of asteroids and meteors, it provides the force that washes our oceans against our coastlines and so, when much closer, for it’s in an orbit that means, one day, it will escape our clutches and be free from its jewel of a sister, it was key in manipulating the primordial soup and so encouraged life to flourish. And the maths. I mean. How rare is it in this wonderful galaxy that we never see the dark side, that the moon is perfectly sized to enable a total eclipse of the sun, a totality, with its startling corona. And, did you know, that when NASA hit the moon it let out a ringing, as if hollow, like a bell?

When I think of things, not the big things, but of things that I have experienced, of things that I know to be true, but perhaps, would have some trouble convincing you of their truth, such as precognition, such as ghosts, such as telepathy, such as… Then I begin to wonder that the reality that we believe that we inhabit is not a reality at all. Perhaps we do live in a matrix that we enable, that we create. A cosmic movie that over time, over long periods of time, humanity has generated and now, perhaps, that movie is out of control. Now, perhaps, it is more difficult to escape from the untruths, the web of knowing that is just un-knowing.

But I would never affirm this – positively – as to do so would be to turn convention upside down, to state that left is right, to deny all that we are.

But, what are we?