Who Made This?

What new Hell is a £5000 fine…

For Feeding the birds…

And who sat at a desk and drew up this awful sign?

The sign was spotted in the sleepy seaside town of Aberdyfi, a backwater of a place but with gorgeous beaches and colourful houses and hotels facing onto the estuary. It’s almost as if this slice of heaven was simply ‘too nice’ and it was ripe for bringing down a peg or two with a command from on high.

Haven’t we all had enough of the jobsworths telling us what to do? Why do we allow our elected representatives to be so outrageously Fascist?

And I know it’s a fine ‘up to’ £5000 but who on earth can believe that that any fine is either proportionate or appropriate or necessary.

When I was at Aberdyfi I saw no mass of birds, I was not attacked by swooping seagulls despite eating a bag of chips there. When at Aberdyfi I espied few birds. Now, maybe the birds are seasonal, but if that is the case the sign ought to be altered to a seasonal sign. Or perhaps the local authority will state that it’s because of the sign that there is not a bird problem in Aberdyfi. But I do not accept that.

Scavenging seagulls will raid bins and will seek out chips lost to the ground… A sign frightening off communication between species will have little impact upon bird numbers in a any seaside town.

And so who made this. I want their name. I want to name and shame them and then name and shame the committee that enacted this punishment for doing something that is innately human, feeding wild animals.

This sign will not stop people feeding the birds. This sign is a sad indication of where we as humans are. This sign is a signpost to the end of the world.

Stop the world, I want to get off!