Will I Go To See The Damned

Would you?

Would you go to see an original 1976 Punk band, a band of your youth, an anarchic band who not only influenced your life choices but provided the soundtrack for much of your life?

In February 2002 The Damned are headlining few gigs but at a whopping £80 a ticket. Not very punk that! I remember ‘Pay No More Than’ and a couple of quid for a gig. But that’s not the issue. After all, I paid £120 to see Kate Bush in 2014… What is really concerning me is what will the Covid regulations look like next year.

I really can’t be doing with being tested to go get a job let alone to go see a band. To date I’ve had no test and no vaccine, and that is the way I intend things to remain.


It’s not just The Damned. It’s the original 1976 line up of The Damned. Scabies is back! And it’s not just The Damned… It’s Penetration and it’s TV Smith and the Adverts. It really ought to be EPIC! It really ought to be something that I ought to go to.

So, would you? Would you submit to the lunacy of the covid nazi’s and have the test?

That is the bridge I will very likely NOT cross in 2022. I’m minded to shout ‘shame on The Damned’ who, unlike Van Morrison or Ian Brown, seem to have totally submitted… I mean, publicity photos with masks… Urghhhh.