I really can’t be arsed to comment on this. It just continues to come in, I guess the floodwaters have been surging and any dam or dyke or wall or ditch have by now been overwhelmed. I’m simply stating that the governments, globally, have gone too far and will need to pay. But have they gone far enough, consolidated their power, to escape retribution.

Delingpole is THE ONLY journalist of worth.

Although he’s not now a journalist, having burnt all of his bridges. Although I disagree with him on much, and that is exactly how it ought to be, he remains a man with ethics.


It’s ironic, isn’t it? That Israel is first up in The Hague?

The International Criminal Court at the Hague has accepted the complaint for the violation of the Nuremberg code by the Israeli Government. NOTE- copies of it have been sent to media worldwide- will they publish?

The end of political demonstrations FOR EVER in the UK. And this is not about BLM it’s about controlling you. yes you…

Crackdown by mainstream continues and is very dangerous indeed – Twitter bans users from linking to Bitchute…

Hate crime bill passed in Scotland… Watch what you say in your own home! Watch what you write! Be careful when thinking!





Gove on freedom

13th March 2020

Chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance warned that temporarily suppressing the looming epidemic with a four-month “lockdown” would risk it exploding into an even more devastating outbreak next winter.