Category: Poetry

What Would You Do?

What would you do If you noticed Someone like you At the edge Of your vision Hacking away At your senses Delivering hammer blows At all that You rely on? Imagine the familiar Perhaps family Maybe […]


Every craggy man is my old man all aged flesh is his. Every stooping mum is my worn mum her aged flesh is his. Every ageing man is me, man mans ageing flesh is mine. […]


Licking at the plaster in a dance so heavy before bursting through the eyes. And I was. I danced  with the rage of volcanoes as I consumed All I am Heathcliffe. I am Cathy. I […]


It’s the house, you see,  it holds me. It was ours. Not now. Not now. We made it  with love, once enough. But now all alone, walled in, I’m failing. It was our house you […]

Dream 4

I was driving then not I was in her arms head on breast nipple sucking crying She said that she was now ready to be friends That wouldn’t work I want her back I clutched […]

The Storm

From limestone arch of Roman’s hand the spectacle of fulsome swell churns dark. Treacle thick, so Mercury fast and such a tempting place to lie.  With heavens black from rain-clouds swirl the mighty storm shocks […]


Women Seriously I build them They won’t Like that What I said But I do Women I build them I hold them When they’re Feeling crazy I shelter them When the rain Pours in I […]


And I remember Our last summer. Me waiting for you To grow into you The re-birthed you With the new hair Adult asymmetric With that new walk Professional mimic With your new talk From lips ceramic […]

Holly Is Laura

Back in the day Those days When I was broken I found someone Newly mended And so I pretended I tried to be strong And my song I silently sang She lived in Wimbledon And […]

Sticking Plaster

Plaster Or a plaster Both will stick Both will screed Over gaping wounds On a once smooth wall Or on a once smooth skin But where is that plaster-er That mends most anything? That kind cavity wall grafter […]