Big Up Wales Outdoors

What follows will be a brief and uncompromising celebration of all that is amazing about Wales Outdoors and our place within the adventure and outdoor tourism sector of Wales.

Andy Lamb, the owner of Wales Outdoors, worked hard to develop and improve the adventure activity business in Wales with his first business Beacons Experience and then when he went Wales wide with Wales Outdoors

Achievements in the adventure activity sector include:

  • 1st Mountain Bike hire and guiding company in Wales
  • Part time warden and guided walk programme co-ordinator for the Brecon Beacons National Park
  • Chair of Brecon Beacons Tourism
  • Duke of Edinburghs Award Co-ordinator
  • Princes Trust Social Inclusion Manager
  • The catalyst for the Brecon Beacons National Park Environment Charter (sustainable use of the outdoors for adventure activities) first discussed and enabled in 1998
  • Motivation and template provider for the inception of SWOAPG – The South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group – 2007
  • Outspoken critic of other adventure activity business and adventure activity legislation
  • Green Dragon Environmental Standard badge holder since 2006
  • Luxury Travel Guide Tourism Award Winner
  • Travel and Hospitality Award Winner
  • Outdoor Professionals Cooperative Award Winner
  • 5 star feedback across all platforms
  • Multiple TV appearances and film productions worked on 

Today Wales Outdoors is the largest and most active and best value for money and the friendliest walking group in Wales and deliver walks, weekends and week long holidays in the hills of Wales and beyond! 

Wales Outdoors is truly a Wales wide company with leaders who live in and a re specialist on the areas that deliver walks for. The Wales Outdoors adventure holidays are exciting low budget small group, so cheap and intimate, tours of stunning locations such as a Sea to Summit walk on Tenerife or an expedition into the interior of Iceland!

For our walks in Wales and beyond Wales Outdoors is and will remain unsurpassed in its range and in it’s commitment to driving up provision. We put ALL other providers to shame! Why?

  • We guarantee a minimum of two walks each and every weekend across Wales. We often deliver very many more and also have regular midweek walks. 
  • Our leaders are professionals and have researched well the route 
  • Every walk is available as part of our school, so you will be able to follow a programme of education and gain our in house qualification!
  • We always have a leader and an assistant on our walks. We often have a leader and several assistants. It’s the way that we have structured Wales Outdoors, for the benefit of users and for the peace of mind of the leaders too. 
  • We cap group numbers at 16 people, sometimes a little less. You will never see a single leader with 27 clients and struggling up a mountain. It’s not what we do… 
  • We respect the mountains. We will never deliver a large group challenge event. We feel that those charity events are disrespectful by design and we have campaigned to have them stopped. 
  • Our walks are well structured with easier walks of four miles through to day long walks of twenty miles and challenge weekends or mountain hiking holidays that require a good deal of fitness. We believe this approach offers something for all and acts a little like a school or course. We’ll get you fit and then offer you a challenge 🙂 
  • Our leaders are drawn from our regular walkers! We know who is keen and competent and good with people and we cultivate those and work with them as they develop their routes.

And our competitors? Well, we’re not going to make public a long list of complaint but suffice to say leaders, pay for leaders, level of leader assistance, reliability and range of walks and services on offer come no where near the stunning service levels of Wales Outdoors. Just check out our feedback and the comments and the love that Wales Outdoors receives from our members and occasional walkers. 

Andy Lamb, the owner of Wales Outdoors said:

I could spend the rest of my days delivering sell out honey pot walks but hey, that would serve both myself and my clients badly. 

I could be feet up and have students deliver my walks for pennies rather than for very many pounds. I know of a company that had students turn up at Glasbury Bridge, though contact with Brecon College, and without knowing the student in advance of the day would have them work on canoeing or some other such adventure activity and of course some would do a good job but good is not my benchmark. 

As the owner of Wales Outdoors I want each and every walk we deliver to be amazing, stunning, engaging and I want those attending to feel cared for and to be social and make some new friends. 


During Covid Wales Outdoors has been hit hard. It is a private business and as such is perfectly entitled to make the owners position on lockdown known. It is a business’ right to fight for it’s own survival! Unfortunately Andy has had to remove a good few from the Wales Outdoors and meetup membership as some find it difficult to accept that opinion is just that and that one opinion is as valid as any other. Wales Outdoors fears for the outcome of this battle, for freedom of speech and freedom of expression and indeed for freedom itself!

Wales Outdoors and the Wales Outdoors owner has received not one penny from government during the covid crisis. Wales Outdoors have continued rot work tirelessly to ensure that once we are free of lockdowns we can head back onto the hills in quick time and with smiles on our faces. 

Wales Outdoors is committed to getting you all mountain fit once again 🙂

Come our freedom don’t continue to rest, get out there and support the best! 

Join Us!