Castles In The Sand

I asked the ‘big guns’ of the UK’s commentators against the governments current approach to Covid 19, so, lockdown sceptics if you like, to lay down thier egos and to come together in a collective with a clear single issue aim. To END lockdown and draconian advice, guidance and legislation. Well, to also campaign for freedom on the internet too, but mainly, end to lockdowns.

I asked them in the closing days of 2020

And I asked them yesterday in my blog post and by direct requests on Twitter

I thought it worth a try and although I expected nothing in response I actually, kinda, recieved something. Yes, it was tumbleweed but tumbleweed of the insightful genus. The thing is is that it must be that those named are busy maintaining their careers and their follower counts and they really don’t have the time to dive into a few chat groups and actually begin to end this thing. I also think there is a bit of ego there that see’s each and every invitee precious of thier own show or status and unwiling to put aside personal differences and so jointly lead the fight back.

This is a shame as the kind of actions I suggested and likely to actually effect change are being discussed by others and in fact being actioned, firstly, in Italy. Tomorrow will see a collective action of 50,000 restaraunts and cafes. They will all, at the same time, collectively defy their government and will remain open and in open opposition to Italy’s lockdown rules.

So, ‘big guns’, continue building your castles in the sand. The foundations, for you, might seem deep and firm but in shifting landscapes your standing alone and working on your career or legacy, your inability to see collectivism as the only exit strategy we have at our disposal, this will perhaps lead you towards an insurmountable brick wall. After all, talking the talk is all well and good. It’s walking the walk that moves us all forwards.

So, a high five for the collectivism in Italy and lets do hope that the touted 50,000 actually all defy their government. I for one will continue to write and to call for disparate group networking and collective actions. However, I remain unconvinced that this is something British intellectuals, let alone the British people, are ready for.

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