Divide, Divide, Divide

Yes, we are taking a dive, dive, dive, down, under the surface and into the depths of treacle thick and pitch black, black hearted, oozing, sticky, noxious, nausea inducing verbiage and diktats, pronounced by the elites, and enforced by the masses.

For a time I felt at home with the conservatives. The socialists had let me down. They had learnt no lessons from the past and without a glance over their shoulder are now ready to line up and silence any that are anti woke, that are libertarian, that are not ‘correct’. And their slavish adherence to conservative covid policy is sickening. The socialists wanted more of the same, provided no opposition and indeed urged the government to go further and faster. It appears that our systems have morphed and the pre-eminent and powerful now psy-op influence their citizens and gather under the banner of Western Liberal Demogagy…

Last weekend there was an anti lockdown march in London that comprised of people form all walks of life, side by side, campaigning, in the main, for one thing, an end to lockdowns and all restrictions with never a return. This was repeated in towns and cities across the UK and indeed the globe. The London demonstration marched on the BBC and for some good few hours stopped outside and exclaimed ‘Shame On You!’. The majority of the media, including the BBC, decided not to cover these protests.

However, the BBC did cover the ‘Free Palestine’ march, and quite rightly too, but this was overshadowed by blanket coverage of a few cars containing passengers with bullhorns driving around North London and using racist language against the Jewish residents there. Apparently they were driving around for hours. The police were informed. Where were the police?

Did the police allow the cars passengers to spread their hate in order to dominate the news, to have the dialogue shift from the peaceful marches and to radical extremism? Did the police allow the cars passengers to spread their hate in order to effect division within those homogenous campaigning groups and wider society in general? Was this yet another psy-op, a planned self inflicted wound? It would certainly not be the first.

And so the twitter debate shifted for a time from ending lockdowns to ending the Hammas attacks on Israel and again we saw the conflation of criticism of the Isreali state as anti-Jewish, as antisemitic. This I fear is driven by the Israeli state and it’s darker forces such as Mossad and has all but ended the once universal condemnation of Israel. Debate is longer allowed. Politicians are pilloried and run scared from the power of the Israeli lobby.

And we really do not need this conflation. This is a crucial moment in the battle against Chinese style governance. We are at the edge of the precipice… Hancock has always wanted mandated vaccination for Flu. We know this is coming for Covid, despite what ‘they’ say. And this will come on the back of the Vaccine Passport. This will be introduced on Monday, despite what ‘they’ said. And it won’t just be for travel, it will be for events and gatherings then for health care and then for pubs and cafes. And this ‘passport’ will end up looking like the Chinese social credit system. We know this. Observers of actual conspiracies have accurately predicted the trajectory of this planned draconian rollout, in the name of keeping you safe, from April 2020. Pre covid the same conspiracy theorists had predicted a similar scenario for very many years.

What is wrong with you? Why can’t you see this? Why can’t you see the the conspiracy nuts are the only humans left to defend your liberty?

And now the booster for a vaccine that is not a vaccine for a virus that has never been isolated that has created a pandemic that you have a 99.7% chance of survival from… Dr Mike Yeadon ex head of Pfizer’s respiratory health research department states that SarsCov19 is 20% different to Sars of ’93 and those who had Sars are immune from Covid 19. He also says that the variants are 0.3% different to Covid 19. The variants are NOT an issue here, apart from in government scaremongering and propaganda delivered fresh to you daily by a compliant media.

Go on, take your ‘vaccine’ to get to go on holidays that you are not and will not be allowed to take. Take your booster to protect you from variants that are of no danger to you. Go on, comply with the requirement of a vaccine passport to travel which is not for travel as you’re not allowed but is actually about monitoring and controlling your every move and in making an avatar of you for the government to better manipulate you.

  • I will NEVER have another test (had one for work with a Channel 4 production company)
  • I will NEVER take the vaccine
  • I will NEVER download ANY NHS or other medical app
  • I will NEVER comply with any further lockdown legislation, guidance or rules

They’ve crossed my line in the sand. This is now all out war. They want to keep me a prisoner in the UK, so be it, but, I will not be living by their rules.

And so I am part of the division. I am wary of the vaccinated as they are not aware of their governments true intentions, are willing to comply with outrageous rules and demands and will be very willing to throw me under a bus. The anti lockdowners are a fragile coalition that was rocked by the raging debate over Israel and it’s ongoing mistreatment of an ethnically different group within it’s borders. It’s recovered but like all such coalitions the division are easy to pick at or implant and so focus and sharpness of will need to be maintained.

To what end I have no idea but as many have said the passports are the hill they are prepared to die on and I guess that is where I am. Fitting for a man who makes his living from hillwalking. No jib jab, no passport.

Join Me!