Fear And Empathy In Covid Britain

I’m so very tired of those who scream at me for offering up actual evidence. I yawn loudly at those who belittle me and call me out as an idiot (and far worse than that too) for ‘believing’ the Covid 19 ‘Pandemic’ to be nothing but. I fall weary of those who aim their sharpened fingers and claim I am responsible for the deaths of… Oh yeah, they don’t have the statistics for that…

Daily bemusement is now my norm as these are in the main educated and under normal circumstances thoughtful people. I provide graphs and charts and figures, I real off names of eminent scientists and doctors and health professionals. But none of this gets in. They have laid down a wall made from solid lumps of fear that is so well constructed not even a flavour, not even the aroma of one skinny fact can waft by their temple to the NHS and in so doing cast doubt on their worship of this new god.

But I empathise with them. Their fear is borne out of ignorance and we should all have a love in with those who understand little and struggle with that understanding. I regard ignorance, however, as wholly unnecessary given the wealth of information and the numerous voices kicking up a stink. Leaving Covid aside, surely they must be troubled by the actions of the police, the targeting of young women on protest marches in order to anger the accompanying men into unplanned actions, the near goose-stepping troups of police marching at Speakers Corner in order to disallow the freedom of speech and expression. But no, they see the giving up of all our freedoms as a price worth paying for their perceived safety.

But I empathise with them. They have been subjected to the most consistent and well funded (and global in its nature) propaganda campaign… EVER. Smells from the Animal Farm certainly pervade our society. Masks can’t hide the stench. Masks that were once clearly stated as of little to no use moved up a tier without question by ‘them’ to masks being now endemic. The virus being downgraded as ‘not so bad’ at the beginning of the first lockdown but they lock downed anyways, SAGE explaining that they needed to generate high levels of fear in the population to have the people accept the control measures, privileges and contracts for friends of.those in high places and the impoverishing of most alongside the de-platforming and disappearing of those outspoken against the dictatorship.

And so I empathise with them. I tread softly and try to explain a few things, try to offer up a few ground rules and a few facts.

But that fear that they are living with is powerful. So powerful. And it makes them angry. And they start to get loud. They turn red.

I realise they have NO empathy for me. Fear has made them one dimensional and if I were standing trial and they were my jury I’d be fucked. Tomorrow morning I’d be swinging from the nearest tree. They HATE me!

I still empathise with them but I really don’t know for how much longer I can keep that love alive for…

And so I ask, is it time to stop the empathising and to begin the hate towards all that they have done to destroy my imperfect world, my business, to remove from me my freedom to travel, to meet with friends, to publish on some platforms. It is their compliance that will see us all in work or re-education camps and being bullied by those thugs that we call the police.

Some time ago I had an idea. I would buy the domain name The Non Compliance Alliance. This was to be a new force in the world. A grouping of the leftfield and the freethinking. It must now be solely a collective space for all those groups opposed to the Covid 19 rules, advice and laws. It’s sole aim ought to be to bring together a wide range of disparate groups to collectively topple the regime that has us under house arrest.

The domain http://noncompliancealliance.co.uk and many other forms of it exists.

But I’m not going to buy it. But you can.

Please do.