Fuck Off

Fuck off. Seriously. Fuck off. Take your mindfucked hipster behaviours, your pseudo hippy values, your housing market endeavours, your social mobility concerns, your authoritarian job, you solicitor, you traffic warden, you debt collector, you estate agent, you police officer, you tax collector, you magistrate, you judge, you career politician, you landlord of dank, unkempt, unhealthy tenements, you pawnbroker, you cashcollector you… oh… need I go on…. but then you, you, what part of the system are you married to? Are you admin for those fuckers? Or worse? You investor in stocks, you trader in peoples dreams, you landowner, you fisherman, you farmer, you media darling, you warmonger, you racist, you fascist, you sexist, you homophobe, you bigoted muscle bound child like fairy dust farting megafun having eyes wide shut vision of all that ought not to be… I just can’t find the words to describe you, as you are and always have been everything. You are this society, you are an individual, you are my neighbour… You are everywhere and I don’t want you to be. So just fuck off. Life’s too short for me to spend time kicking about with you. You are poison to a gracious and beautiful planet, poison to the human condition, You are poison to me. Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off. Done!