I’m Sorry, But, If You Can’t See It…

This graph, published today, says everything that we need to know about Covid 19.

“Extinct Influenza POSITIVE specimens in NORTHERN Hemisphere just DISAPPEARED in 2020 from Week 14 onwards, regardless of mask policy on/off; borders open or closed; lockdowns on/off & HAVE NOT appeared in the normal autumn/winter flu season.”

If we set in place, alongside this graph, the fact of UK amplification of 45 in the PCR test (anything above 30 – 35, according to WHO and Dr Fauci, makes sign of the cross, is wholly unreliable and creates very many false positives) and the ‘news’ that the estimated death toll from Covid 19 is currently predicted to be 220,000 and about half of those will be not with Covid 19 but as a direct result of the governments measures to combat the same and it’s a slam dunk! No fucking argument here! Lockdowns Bad! Government Bad! People Being Scammed!

Icke was right from the get go and yet the mainstream refuse to engage with him as do those who are firmly against the lockdowns and on board with PCR being a scam. From May Icke declared that PCR was a tool to manipulate figures, predicted flu would all but disappear and that deaths resulting from the lockdowns would far outweigh deaths with (not from) Covid 19.

Those few commentators who are in the mainstream, think Peter Hitchens and those on Talk Radio, that defy the UK Gov’s ‘wartime orders’ to ply the narrative that we’re all in this together and that we can win the war against the virus are steadfastly law-abiding. They provide a counterpoint to the mainstream that goes some way to pacify those who who stand firmly against the policies of SAGE and so of the UK Gov and this, apart from being useful, is damaging.

Peter Hitchens urges citizens to not defy or break the law. He says write to your MP. This seemingly sensible and balanced approach lends the impression of moving forwards, of contribution, of tipping the scales. But… Since when has that ever produced anything other than a standard response, obfuscation or rude denials and closure of further comment.

I am glad these commentators are there. I regular catch up with Hitchens ‘ columns and increasingly rare appearances, listen to Julia Hartley-Brewer and Mike Graham, but for one they do not share my political home and for two they cannot raise the call to arms. No, not a revolution. But a combined, collective if you like, action or actions led by those big names. How’s about mass disobedience, non payment of taxes, road blockages, stopping using the mainstream media and the mainstream social media platforms. Declare personal independence and a couple of clear aims. End Lockdown! No Mandatory Vaccine! No Travel Restrictions! Full Enquiry Into Covid 19 Policy!

They would loose their jobs and their voices. Without this though we are just living in a large echo chamber and further polarising society along the lines of those who want more restrictions, those who support the governments actions in all of this and those who want an end to the covid laws and their freedoms back.

And so there is an argument here but it is one I am not prepared to be, for the time being, further engaged with. I’m done and I’m outta here… The names in this game, in the main, are unable to jump ship from the mainstream. A few have, like James Delingpole, who I continue to have huge respect for and who has lost work and contacts due to his unswerving commentary, in defiance the direction that the wind is blowing, against government strategy and against The Great Reset. But the Delingpole’s are few and far between.

And I’m out because if you can’t see it there is nothing anyone can do to correct your sight, as it’s plainly there for you to see and for you see clearly. You are visually impaired and in a world of information and I will extrapolate to the conclusion that you are therefore mentally impaired too. Of course as always I am happy to be corrected. So a challenge. Tell me, concisely and succinctly, where has flu gone. Hiding from it’s ‘more lethal’ bigger brother Covid 19? I don’t think so. You’ll have to do better than that…

So, The 365 Days Columnist is GONE! That project turned out to be The 31 Day Columnist. In many ways I enjoyed it and it was good to train myself as the writer to daily typing deadlines, daily consideration and thinking on the hoof. It kept me fresh and engaged too and I’ve been amazed and encouraged by some on Twitter, which was my source for much inspiration. However…

I will tomorrow mothball my Twitter account. It has a useful purpose of dissemination of non MSM news and stories and rapidly too. But it is a key component of big tech and as such I am aligning with my previous statement and moral decision to avoid as much as is possible social media platforms, at least this owned by the likes of Dorsey and Zuckerberg. I will not give them any further content apart from updates for my business’, and even that content starts at my own social media platform.

I am going to withdraw into myself, to write stuff that appeals to me and that is not so depressing, although I will continue to attack and call for a complete restructuring of the police, and if the world, as I certainly believe it will, turns to shit whilst I am looking elsewhere, then so be it.

It’s what the majority of humanity deserves in any case, so, just desserts, so they say…

If you’ve enjoyed reading this please do support me. I’ve had NO FINANCIAL SUPPORT from the state, like, ever and certainly none through the Covid years. I have relied upon my savings which are now zero and the few walks I’ve been able to lead this year (I’m a self employed guided walks leader in Wales.)


Thank you