It’s A real Shit Show

And I am SOOOOO pissed off! It is war, truly. Our society is being warped and folded and re-written in front of our very eyes, and by a bunch of disgusting slime balls at that… These are actions I am personally taking to mitigate for me and others the actions of our governments…


This has always been coming. It’s the ‘Totalitarian Tiptoe’…

Where is ‘My Body, My Choice’ now… That they are discussing this in plain sight means that this is coming. It’s the M.O. of the past year and a half. Front load us with a possibility to get us used to it, have the BBC’s journalists et al discuss it without posing any serious alternatives or questioning where such plans will lead us and then, without more than a couple of hours chat in parliament, it’s law…

Wales Outdoors will NEVER ask walkers or leaders for proof of vaccination and this ought to be your line in the sand too. You know that eventually this is coming to all of us, if we allow it… 

ANY CARE OR NHS STAFF MEMBER that finds themselves out of work due to their refusal, for whatever reason, to take the jab, under this level of illegal in international law coersion, please be in touch – [email protected] – and Cardiff Life Model Collective and Wales Outdoors will provide some FREE no strings vouchers for attendance at our art sessions and guided walks. 


Wales Outdoors alongside Cardiff Life Model Collective will, if schools begin jabbing kids without parental consent, which is currently in discussion, despite it being regarded as battery by an Oxford University associate professor of family law –– will offer the following:

1) Free spots to newly withdrawn from school children on our walks and if appropriate our life drawing sessions

2) Wales Outdoors will provide one free day of walks and adventures for young people in South Wales to newly withdrawn from school children, initially through to October half term and to be reviewed then with a likelihood of continuing through to the Christmas holidays. 


If you are a parent you can home educate and likely, given class sizes and the interest from other parents in home education, you will be able to form a small group of local to you parents that can share in the education of your collective children by educating the young people by utilising the groups parents skills. Here is a good place to start –


In plain sight…

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