Whilst Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna are making 1000 dollars A SECOND the global presstitutes have failed to report that Pfizers Federal Judge demanded the release of 80,000 documents on Monday, amongst other things, detailed Pfizers clear assertion that, in opposition to all of the TV doctors, your doctors, politicians and government health professionals and spokespeople all of whom campaigned for pregnant women to urgently take the Pfizer or Moderna jib jab, and this is still the advice on the UK Gov website, Pfizer state that at the conclusion of their own covid jab trials:

That there is limited data on pregnancy (this is because they did not trial the gene therapies on pregnant women meaning there has been no trial) and that animal studies have not been completed therefore the jab is NOT RECOMMENDED during pregnancy and that women of childbearing age should not be jabbed if they may be pregnant and that if not pregnant and they do get jabbed they should wait two months before attempting to become pregnant. Further, it’s unknown if breastfeeding can pass on some of the contents of the jab to the newborn and that risk to newborns CANNOT be excluded and so the jab should not be administered during breastfeeding. It is unknown if the jab has an impact on fertility.

Where is the press coverage of this?

Where are the apologies from those of you who still like this page and who attacked me throughout the pandemic for my anti-government policy perspectives?

Andy why aren’t the TV doctors, Matt Hancock, Boris, Javid, Whitty, Valance, Rees-Mogg and MHRA CEO Dr June Reine all being rounded up now and incarcerated and awaiting trial… These people ALL personally urged women of childbearing age, pregnant women, to get the jab , stating that the jab was safe. They hid behind a belief the truth would not out for 75 years, yes, that was the plan. Thankfully a federal judge saw through this and we now have accumulating astounding and shocking detail regarding the early days of the largest human trial in world history, and a trial in which the developers of the drug to be tested, such as Pfizer, have immunity from liability.

And this page continues to be 100% shadowbanned. You will not see any of it’s content unless you like the page and even then you may not see the daily posts. Well, FUCK YOU Facebook! I’ll not be silenced because you have a nefarious agenda. No. That makes me fight just that little bit harder. And those of you who have ridiculed or shouted down my comments here… Well, word for word, fact after fact, prediction followed by reality… I and those in the truth movement, in the medical freedom camp or the full on conspiracy fact brigade, we have and are continuing to be proven right.

We are being played by crooks, no news there, but the crooks are puppets that are being made to dance for what can only be described as evil.


You read that bullshit from the arseholes at Facebook? Facebook and the WHO are lying to you now and have been since the beginning of the scamdemic. LOOK – Pfizer have said they did not test for pregnant women and that their mRNA is not to be given to women breastfeeding, pregnant or at risk of becoming pregnant. LOOK – Pfizer has tried to hide its monitoring results from the initial rollout and yes, the ‘vaccines’ might be monitored for effectiveness (which is shit) and safety. It just so happens no one reports on the safety and the FACT that there have been 2500 confirmed deaths and likely 25,000 or very many more deaths and 1 million confirmed adverse effects and likely many many millions more in the UK alone. Monitoring but NOT REPORTING to the public ought to be a criminal offence. Facebook need fact-checkers to have their community posts made to look fraudulent. But in their case they are and so that would simply be telling the truth… You want vaccine info, go to anywhere BUT Facebook or the WHO for it…