Sufjan Stevens

I love you now

when you visit
for tiny tall tales
and paisley sights,
as time is inhaled,
as I inhale night.


Do you know
what you did
when you said
while sat
at the desk that
I bought you,
in the room
of your own
that I gave you?
"Listen to this"
and you shared
Sufjan with me.

What were you thinking
when you were looking
at my wide eyes smiling
as Sufjan softly sang
his songs of Illinois?

What I was thinking
when being drawn in
by your pupils dilating
was that I loved you
and I loved Sufjan too.


What were you thinking
as our time tiptoed by
and your desk moved
and my days were spent
pacing in your ex room?

What I was thinking
was that as you shared
you were touching him
and so as you shared
he was touching me.

So why did you
when playing
with the new,
why did you
have me be
part of your start
with the new he?
You were strong
and audacious but
you were wrong
to share his share
with you with me.


Sufjan still sings
his songs where
you once sang
fast, happy folk
twisting tongue

but now you don't.