Time For A Boil Wash

Let me take you back


I was a clean

I was Hanging
on a line
with the breeze

I was thinking
What ought I
In futuretimes

Perhaps I would
one day become
the preferred shirt
of a lyrical poet
or the garment
Loved by a beloved
and treasured long after
they'd loved
and moved on
The lover
Seeking solace
From the odour
Left In me

I would maybe 
be the cloth
that covered lovers
as they sweated
and sticky grasped
each others
Melting parts

I saw me
being dyed purple
become master
of everything
A King of Fabrics
the cloth of time

And for a time
I was treasured
but cleaning
Left scars
And each days efforts
Left Stretch marks
And despite my service
My protection from sharps
My warmth in cold
My comfort on harsh
As I grew thin
In places
And demanded patches
As stains bloomed
Betrayal hatched in faces
And upon my thinning skin

I'm now folded
And sit patiently
At the bottom
Of a pile
Of others

And I grow mould
My unwelcome spawn
In my creases
As I'm crushed
And so alone

In the dark.