Wales Vaccine Pass

I wrote to my MP

prior to the outrageous Welsh vote on JibJab Passports… I stated human rights and stuff and he got back to me with this standard copy paste response:

Dear Andrew,
Thank you for contacting me about proposals for domestic COVID-19 vaccine passports. I appreciate that there are strongly held views on both sides of this debate.
As you will know, the Senedd considered and passed regulations on October 5 which require people to show an NHS COVID pass to enter large events and high risk establishments, such as nightclubs, from 11 October. These are venues, where it is harder to put in place some of the important mitigation measures, such as social distancing and ventilation, which can help to prevent the risk of people spreading and catching coronavirus.
A COVID Pass is not a vaccine certificate as it allows people to demonstrate their Covid status in other ways than just through vaccination – it also shows recent lateral flow test results. The Welsh Cabinet decided not to proceed with vaccine certificates as they raise many legal, ethical, and technical questions, not least because it excludes all those who cannot be vaccinated.
The COVID Pass is already in extensive use in Wales and England – it has been used by many festivals and concerts over the summer and has been downloaded and used by thousands of people to access events and travel abroad.
The aim of the COVID Pass is not to make is harder for people to access these venues and events but to give people the confidence to attend them, knowing everyone else attending them will either have had a very recent negative test result or has been fully-vaccinated.
Throughout the pandemic, the Welsh Government has sought to balance people’s freedoms with the need to protect lives and stop the NHS being overwhelmed. The use of the COVID Pass is a continuation of that approach.
I hope introducing the requirement to show a COVID pass will help keep venues and events, many of which have only recently started trading again, open.
The last thing anyone wants is further lockdowns and businesses to have to close their doors again. That is why we must take this meaningful action now to control the spread of the virus and reduce the need for tougher measures later.
Thank you once again for contacting me about this important issue.
Yours sincerely,

Stephen.Stephen Doughty MPLabour and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Cardiff South and Penarth

So, I responded with this:

What rubbish!

Please explain how these jab passes, which introduce a dramatic change in the relationship between citizen and state, will help keep anyone safe in light of the following statements of fact:

  • The jabbed and unjabbed are at the same risk of catching the virus and if they do catch it they will develop the same viral load leading many, including Fauci, to suggest that the jabbed are the super spreaders
  • Deaths in Wales in 2020 were 3000 higher than in 2018. This is not a pandemic. This can also be ascribed to the overuse of care pathways and midazolam but most certainly has been be attributed to the governments, that’s you, decisions to empty hospitals of Ill elderly and have them go back into care, taking covid with them. 
  • That the average age of death from covid is 83, the average age of death in the UK is 82
  • That countries such as Sweden and individual US states that did not lock down have a far lower death rate than does the appalling performing UK
  • That the double jabbed, after six months, are 60% more likely to catch covid than the unjabbed
  • That the efficacy of the jabs was a lie and that Israel is at about 35% effective and is mandating boosters in perpetuity. 
  • That it is agreed that lockdowns will be the cause of far more deaths than covid ever has or will
  • That those countries with the highest level of jab uptake are seeing the highest level of infection and conversely those with the lowest are seeing the lowest. 
  • That coercion is illegal under the Nuremberg Code and that this is a coercive measure aimed at young people 

I could go on… 

In light of the facts detailed above, and they are facts and they should be facts you are absolutely aware of, please can you give me the facts that underpin the Welsh Governments move to totalitarianism? 

Both of my business’ will NEVER comply with jab pass requirements and indeed I will continue to operate even when you roll out the passes for other environments and industries, as I believe is your actual plan. You’ve created a two tier society and that can never be forgiven. Medical apartheid is abhorrent. I will, if needs be break your law in furtherance of freedom and simply doing what is right. 

Kind Regards,

Andy Lamb.

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