I really don’t want everything to always be about Covid and certainly I didn’t want to comment on Biden or Trump but you know the news drives the stories and this one is just about the biggest slice of in your face ripping the piss so far this year…

Just an hour into Biden’s Presidency the WHO released this:


This, along with Fauci’s declaration that amplification above 35 leads to unreliable diagnosis (the UK is at 45 cycles) would seem to indicate that the PCR test, as some have been saying since March 2020, is really a bit of a scam, something to pin numbers on, to assist with controlling the narrative.

What we have here is a two pronged news item. I think it proves that ‘they’ really didn’t like Trump and it is direct evidence of data manipulation to assist with the ongoing narrative. If you like it’s the smoking gun…

Why did the WHO choose the leaving from the White House of Donald Trump to advise practitioners to test again, to be aware of false positives and to be aware of the shortcomings of PCR.

A conspiracy theorist might say it was a little present for Biden who immediately stated that the USA would rejoin the WHO. And a present because the changes and more careful use of PCR will result in falling ‘cases’. This Biden will be able to attribute to his good housekeeping.

Furthermore, governments around the world will be able to look to falling case numbers due to the more careful use of PCR as an indicator that vaccination is working. This statistical evidence can then be used to encourage more to become vaccinated.

Of, course, that is what a conspiracy theorist might think…


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