What’s Happening In Holland?

I don’t know, I’m not there. But I have seen a good deal of footage from Eindhoven and Rotterdam, maybe from some other cities too.

The people have been protesting against the authoritarian, the draconian lockdown policies in place to ‘combat’ Covid. Of course I know that these lockdown policies are not the failure of the state to call out Covid for what it is, not the mismanagement of a non pandemic by a buffoon class of career politicians and technocrats and that they are not there to protect and save lives.

As is easily demonstrable, the measures to combat Covid 19 are disproportionate and will, if not already have, lead to more deaths and more suffering than the virus ever could. And I won’t go into them here. Simply read through my twitter feed for discussion and links out to the evidence.

But the police, like the police in every European country, are out of control. As a matter of urgency we need to end the polices freedom to attack civilians, to end demonstrations, to be the army that maintains the authority of the ruling elites.

Now, I am not calling for a revolution. Far too bloody and of course we will loose. What I am calling for is an overhaul of the existing police services and the forcing of officers to re-take their oaths but in line with common law. They are there by consent and there to protect the people. Simple as…

In Holland

I so wish I could be commenting on something else at the mo but the police’s actions in support of the European Governments lockdown policies are out of scale with the crisis, the demonstrations and with their personal oaths of office. Likely they are enforcing illegal laws that a will be called out for what they are in inquests and private prosecutions across Europe in the years to come. In Germany’s sate of Thuringia fines have already been judged as illegal. Where will this leave those officers who enforce an illegal law? In jail I hope!

And in France


And in Austria

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