The Sunday Service

A round up of my weeks commentary without any new stuff. It’s my day off 😉

January 1st – My New Year New Me post

January 2nd – Why do I feel I can walk the hills during lockdown?

January 3rd – I empathise with the masses, but for how long…

January 4th – Free Assange!!!

January 5th – What! Talk radio de-platformed?

January 6th – If I were a global dictator I’d sort out the parking in Cardiff

January 7th – A conversation with Kent Police who admit to knowing nothing about the law!

January 8th – I just want the police to stay away. You’re not welcome on my walks. You’ve been ‘Sent to Coventry.’

January 9th – The Great Purge 3.0 has begun

And to today – Have a fine day all and do get out for some healthy fresh air and do hug someone you love xx

If you’ve enjoyed reading this please do support me. I’ve had NO FINANCIAL SUPPORT from the state, like, ever and certainly none through the Covid years. I have relied upon my savings which are now zero and the few walks I’ve been able to lead this year (I’m a self employed guided walks leader in Wales.)

Thank you 🙂